Temperament & characteristics of Pug – An ancient dog breed from China

The Pug is a famous Chinese pet dog, with a history dating back to 200 BC. The Pug is particularly suitable for living in small spaces. They are also famous as “professional clowns” in the dog world due to their funny dumpling-like face and their fun and attention-seeking personality. Since their first appearance, Pugs have been always kept as pets. They are thus very friendly, docile and affectionate.

Pug temperament. Pug characteristics.All infomation about Pug

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Pug characteristics

The Pug has a “square” body – the height from the feet to the shoulders is almost the same as the length from the shoulders to the butts – and usually weighs no more than 10 kg. Their head is large, round like dumplings with large folded ears and round brown eyes. They have a large mouth and a bottom jaw slightly longer than the top jaw. The most distinctive and charming feature of this breed is the face with saggy and wrinkly skin.

Pugs have a wide bone structure. The shoulders are wider than the hips. With their short legs and big body, sometimes they are called dwarf pigs. Their neck is thick and large. Some chubby Pugs have saggy skin on their neck and legs.

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Temperament & characteristics of Pug - An ancient dog breed from China

Pugs have a short tail curled up on the back. Thin and short, their coat does not require much maintenance. However, as Pugs love playing and running around near dirty places, they should be bathed regularly. (In Germany, this breed is called “mop” as they are always rolling on the ground.)

Pug temperament

Pugs are cheerful, gentle and sociable. Used to be noble dogs for thousands of years, they hardly know how to guard home and hardly know anything but eating, playing and sleeping. This breed is the definition of laziness. They eat a lot and eat anything given to them, so it is not difficult to feed them. However, because they are both lazy and gluttonous, they are more likely to have obesity. It is recommended that you should take them out for a walk or play with them regularly to avoid them becoming overweight.

Temperament & characteristics of Pug - An ancient dog breed from China

Pugs are classified as great companion dogs. They are very close to their owner. They want attention, compliments and rewards. Pugs are also playful. They like going outside to play with other pets. On the other hand, there is also no problem if they are locked inside for a long time. Especially, they are not destructive. They do not dislodge furniture, do not bite or tear objects so they are very suitable for living in small urban apartments.

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