English Bulldog price range. How much does a English Bulldog puppy cost?

English Bulldog (Bulldog) has the origin from England, and has been raised as a fighting dog, or farm proctecting dog for many thousands of years. Nowadays, Bulldog has been raised as family pets. English Bulldog price is rather high, from around $1600 to $2500. This price is nearly as same as French Bulldog price. However, the cost for raising an English Bulldog puppy is much higher than that for a French Bulldog one, mainly because of higher food expenses. You could find detail information on how much England Bulldog prices are and how much you have to pay for raising an English Bulldog every year as follows:

English Bulldog price range. How much does a English Bulldog puppy cost?

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English Bulldog price range

Price of Bulldog with limited registrations

Bulldogs raised for pet purposes only and not allowed for breeding are often offered from around $1600 to $2500. Bulldogs with limited registrations are often sterilized before taken home for owners to control their bearing.

Not all of owners agree to sterilze their pets. Yet in my own opion, Bulldogs in this price range are suitable for being raised in the family. Since it is believed that Bulldog is the dog breed with unpredictable temperament and is easy to become aggressive and to destroy things during the breeding season, sterilization will help them be gentler and more reliable.

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English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

Price of English Bulldogwith full registration

Bulldog puppies with full registration are raised not only for family pet purpose but also for breeding purpose. Besides, they also have full information on their family records, hence, you could know about the level of their blood purity and gene quality. Those puppies are often offered from around $2500 to $4000.

If you are not an experienced dog breeder, you should consider breeding a Bulldog puppy by yourself. The reason is that it is very difficult for this dog breed to give birth because of their big skulls. There is a high possibility that births of English Bulldog puppies need to have surgical intervention to ensure both mother’s and child’s lives.

Price of high quality English Bulldogs from famous dog breeders

These Bulldog puppies are offered from around $4000 to $10.000 (or much higher than that). They seem to have an absolute level of blood purity. And there is no doubt that they have full registration and good family records. Because when their gene quality is quite high, they are not often raised as family pets, rather, they would be raised by professional dog breeders for breeding purpose or for training to participate in the Dog beauty show.

English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

Annual costs for an English Bulldog

As mentioned above, the annual cost foran English Bulldog is rather high, mainly because of food expenses. Bulldog is a highly active breed, with a well developed muscle system. Bulldog is a kind of high intensity of movementand musculardog breed. Therefore, they eat very well, and prefer kind of full protein food which has higher price than the normal food.

Regarding to only expenses for basic dog food, you have to pay around $600 per year while food expenses of other same – sized dog breed would only be around $400. You should use packaged foods that are processed specially for Bulldog, or for big – sized dog breeds with high intensity of movement.

English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

Beside food expenses, you also have to pay for some other cost as described below:

First year cost

You would pay lot of money for raising a puppy in the first year, from around $1200 to $1700.

Within the first year cost, you would pay from around $500 – $800 for essential items such as cage, dog leash, eating bowl, cushion, etc. You should buy high quality products for these items because your puppy would use them for his or her whole life span, or at least for 5 years to 7 years. You could save money by buying the secondhand things, with the expense around $300 for all those essential necessary items.

English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

Other regular costs take you from around $800 to $900, which includes 2 main kinds. The first kind includes expenses of regular physical exam, shower oil, chewing toys, etc, which costs from $200 to $300. Second type is food cost, which is $600.

Cost from the second year onwards

From the 2nd year onwards, you only need to pay from around $800 to $1000/year for regular expenses such as food, periodical examination, chewing toys, etc. In the cases that your puppy gets sick or has accident, the cost could significantly increase.That is the reason for you to consider buying pet insurance, which will just cost several tens of $/month depending on types.

Attributes & personalities of English Bulldog

Apperance of purebred English Bulldog

Bulldogs have a very sturdy appearance, with big and short legs, muscular and large bone structure. Mature Bulldogs are 30cm – 40cm high and weigh 20kg – 25kg. Their heads are round and wide and seems more beautiful when wider. Also because of the big head, Bulldogs have many difficulties in giving birth process, which in turn leads to their rareness and high prices.

English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

Colors of Bulldog coat are mainly Orange – White, Brown – White, Yellow cream – White. Bulldogs are mostly orange – white, brown – white, cream – white. There are also British Bulldogs that are dark in color, such as black-white but they are very rare, and are often considered non-purebred. Purebred English Bulldog prices do not depend much on coat color, different color dog have almost the same price.

Personalities of English Bulldog

Different from their aggressive ancestors, the modern English Bulldogs are very gentle and friendly to humans. They are really an emotional and sensitive dog breed, they would love to have fun with children, be interested in the owners’ care, in being stroken, praised or massaged their heads. Bulldogs are also a trusted watch dog breed; they have extremely sensitive senses with high alert’s status.

English Bulldog price range. How much English Bulldog puppies cost?

One of the most favorite characteristics of Bulldog that many owers like is their laziness. This makes them easier to adapt in small apartments in cities since they do not require much spaces for exercising. They rarely destroy things, pull things off or tear shoes if they stay indoors for a long time. However, because of this characteristic, they are easy to get fat. So you should control their diet and have them to exercise in order to improve their health.

However, you should note that some Bulldogs are very aggressive during breeding season. If you worry about that, you should choose English Bulldog puppies in the price range from around $1600 to $2500 (that means these will be suitable for only family pets) as mentioned above. Those puppies are often sterilized before picked to a new home. That makes them gentler and stable in their characteristics.

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