How to take care of a Pug puppy? Exercising, playing & Healthcare

The Pug is popular in many countries around the world thanks to their chubby body and their cute saggy face. In particular, Pugs are very easy to raise. Unlike many other dog breeds, they are not picky eaters and do not require much care. However, due to their lazy and voracious nature, Pugs are more susceptible to obesity, which leads to possibilities of lower life expectancy. This article will teach you how to take care of Pugs in the right way.

Exercising and playing

Pugs do not need much exercise. Unlike many other dog breeds, which can be destructible, scratching and scavenging things when kept indoors for too long, Pugs are relatively docile.They may stay in one place waiting for their owner, or just run around inside the house.

However, to avoid obesity and to keep their mind relaxed, you should let your Pugs out for a walk and exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. You may ride a bicycle and let them run after. It is a great way to help them burn fat. Just keep in mind that Pugs get tired quickly, so don’t force them to work out too much.

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How to take care of a Pug puppy? Exercising, playing & Healthcare

Healthcare for Pugs

Pugs cannot stand either cold or heat. They may have heat shock if they play under hot weather, or may catch a cold if they get wet from rain (even if the weather is not too cold). You should let them play indoors during summer and only go outside early in the morning or in the late afternoon. During winter, you should have them wear warm clothes, let them lie on the floor with a lining or a mattress underneath. If your Pugs are clean, you can always can let them sleep on your bed. Hugging chubby and soft Pugs to sleep is wonderful.

With short hair, Pugs do not need to bathe frequently; once a month is enough. However, because they get dirty easily, if you let them out to play a lot, you must bathe them about 2-3 times per month. After each bath, you must dry their hair quickly to avoid them getting cold.

How to take care of a Pug puppy? Exercising, playing & Healthcare

Although brushing their teeth is very necessary, not many Pug owners do this. Pugs have a super long tongue, a super wide mouth and a tendency to lick their owner’s face. You sure would prefer them to lick your face with a clean mouth, rather than a mouth without washing for a year. Brushing teeth at least once a week is a must. If your time allows, twice a week will be perfect. Each time you brush their teeth, remember to wash their face, especially the hairs under their eyes, which can get dirty easily.

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