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How To Sign Up To A Registered Breeder Club?

Deciding to own a dog is a huge responsibility. Deciding to breed dogs for other people is an even bigger one! There are plenty of factors that go into the process of pet parenting, and where people get their puppies is one of the first things they’ll need to consider. While they can probably get […]

Uyak Alaska Malamutes – Breeder in Huntington, New York

About the breeder: Uyak was founded in 1966 as a family business with Paula, Lois, and Harold as owners. They are the world’s leading Alaskan Malamutes breeders with a history of more than 50 years and a great number of achievements. Alaska puppies at Uyak are bred from M’loot, Kotzebue and Hinman-Irwin, even from exceptional […]

Coral Bay – Pug & Papillon Breeder in Loxahatchee, Florida

Carol Giles is a reputable Papillons and Pugs breeder from Florida. Her life with Pugs began in 1988 after exhibiting Shih Tzu for several years. She was searching for a second breed with less coat care, yet still a toy dog to enjoy as a companion. Carol’s research led her to the total captivation of […]

Gracefield’s Bully Royale – French Bulldog Breeder in Tuscarora, PA

Diane Battaglia, the owner of Gracefield, has raised the very finest in French bulldogs for over 40 years. Diane’s top priorities in breeding are the conformation, temperament, health and pedigree. If you want a French bulldog or a Pug with excellent health, stunning good looks, and a loving personality, you should come to Gracefield and […]

Kelz Pugz – Pug Breeder in Tonawanda, New York

Kelz Pugz is located in Western New York, owned by Kelly Maurer. Kelly Maurer has been involved in showing horses, cats and now dogs since she was 7 years old. She began breeding pugs in 2006 and started showing in 2008. Kelz Pugz’s breeding program continues to grow with the goal to produce the finest […]

Purely Pugs – Pug Breeder in Naples, Florida is a breeding program that was started in 2005. The purpose of this program is improving their lines for the best traditional AKC pug pedigree standard possible to breed traditional beautiful quality pugs as companion pets. The little Pug puppies of PurelyPugs are born and hand raised in a home environment with their parents. […]

The Blessed Bichons – Bichon Frise Breeder in Clermont, Florida

The Blessed is a Bichon breeder in Clermont, Florida. The owner of this kennel is a family with a huge interest in the breed. They have been breeding Bichon Frises for a long time and cherishing them as kids in the family. Bichons from The Blessed have a small but strong body, they are agile […]

Brialey Beagles – Beagle Breeder in Cootamundra NSW, Australia

Brialey Beagles is owned by James, Brian & Lesley Childs. They are not just a family but also partners working with the common goal of breeding quality Beagles. They have developed the Brialey brand by opening many branches in different countries in the world such as England, Malaysia, New Zealand… Their Beagles have achieved many […]