Best dog food for Pug. How should we feed Pug puppies?

Raising Pugs is simple. They do not require to go outside or exercise everyday, do not need frequent grooming or massage, and especially, are not picky eaters. They are gluttonous, devouring anything you give them. Making your Pugs full is easy, but making them healthy is another story. For a good health, they need sufficient nutrition. So, what should you feed Pugs? This article will teach you how to feed and choose food for them.

What do Pugs eat?

Pug dogs, like all other dog breeds, are carnivores. Their diet needs a lot of meat as their digestive system is primarily for protein absorption. They can also digest starches like rice, porridge, cakes. However, too much starch is unnecessary and can lead to obesity.

How to take care of a Pug puppy? Exercising, playing & Healthcare

The Pug is popular in many countries around the world thanks to their chubby body and their cute saggy face. In particular, Pugs are very easy to raise. Unlike many other dog breeds, they are not picky eaters and do not require much care. However, due to their lazy and voracious nature, Pugs are more susceptible to obesity, which leads to possibilities of lower life expectancy. This article will teach you how to take care of Pugs in the right way.

Exercising and playing

Pugs do not need much exercise. Unlike many other dog breeds, which can be destructible, scratching and scavenging things when kept indoors for too long, Pugs are relatively docile.They may stay in one place waiting for their owner, or just run around inside the house.

Temperament & characteristics of Pug – An ancient dog breed from China

The Pug is a famous Chinese pet dog, with a history dating back to 200 BC. The Pug is particularly suitable for living in small spaces. They are also famous as “professional clowns” in the dog world due to their funny dumpling-like face and their fun and attention-seeking personality. Since their first appearance, Pugs have been always kept as pets. They are thus very friendly, docile and affectionate.

Pug temperament. Pug characteristics.All infomation about Pug

Pug characteristics

The Pug has a “square” body – the height from the feet to the shoulders is almost the same as the length from the shoulders to the butts – and usually weighs no more than 10 kg. Their head is large, round like dumplings with large folded ears and round brown eyes. They have a large mouth and a bottom jaw slightly longer than the top jaw. The most distinctive and charming feature of this breed is the face with saggy and wrinkly skin.

Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Pug dog is a very famous dog breed originated from China and first appeared in approximately 200 BC. Pug dog breed is especially suitable for raising in small spaces. They are also famous for their loveliness since they have quaint, dumpling shape faces and they are mischievous and always like “to be central”. At present, family pet Pug prices are popularly from around $600 to $1000. Besides, there are many other price ranges for Pugs with different raising purposes.

Pug dog price range & Pug puppies cost. How much are pug puppies?

Current Pug dog price range

Pet only Pug price

Limited registered Pug dogs, which means that they can only be kept as pets and will not use for breeding, will be priced popularly from around $600 to $1000. These baby Pugs have nothing special and often come from normal families, or amateur breeders.

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