Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Pug dog is a very famous dog breed originated from China and first appeared in approximately 200 BC. Pug dog breed is especially suitable for raising in small spaces. They are also famous for their loveliness since they have quaint, dumpling shape faces and they are mischievous and always like “to be central”. At present, family pet Pug prices are popularly from around $600 to $1000. Besides, there are many other price ranges for Pugs with different raising purposes.

Pug dog price range & Pug puppies cost. How much are pug puppies?

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Current Pug dog price range

Pet only Pug price

Limited registered Pug dogs, which means that they can only be kept as pets and will not use for breeding, will be priced popularly from around $600 to $1000. These baby Pugs have nothing special and often come from normal families, or amateur breeders.

You could find a Pug puppies in this price range in below pet websites:

Fully registered Pug price

Fully registered Pugs dogs that could be raised for family pet purpose or breeding purpose are usually priced from $1000 to $1800. These puppies usually have relatively good family records, high breed purity and come from professional breeders. Some baby Pugs at this price may have parents or grandparents who used to be once champions of dog shows organized by AKC.

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Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Top-quality or immigrated Pug price

Baby Pugs that are rated as top-quality must have almost purebred genes (at least the last 6 generations are purebred) and have father or mother or both that used to be champions of dog conformation shows. In their family records, previous generations should also have champion members. These Pug puppies will are priced very high, usually from over $1800 to about $3000, there are some puppies that could cost up to $7000. In general, only professional breeder could accurately price a pug in such top-quality.

Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Pug puppies immigrated directly from reputable breeder in China are also considered as having a high quality gene source, since China is the native country of the breed. These immigrated Pugs also have a very high price, which could be over $2000.

Characteristics and personalities of Pug dogs

Appearance characteristics

Pugs have round body that makes them slightly agitated and they could weigh no more than 10kg. Their heads have dumpling shape; their ears are round and are folded with the front edge against the side of the head. Their eyes are large, round and dark brown. Pug has wide mouth, big and strong jaw. Many Pug dogs have lower jaws longer than their upper jaws, so their lower jaws tend to protrude outwards. Pug dog faces are their most lovely points, their faces are thick, saggy, and are folded into many folds.

Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Pug dog price is somehow influenced by their looks. Pug puppy with rounder body, shorter legs and more wrinkles on his or her face will have higher price.

Pug personalities

Pug dogs are cheerful, gentle and sociable. Since they have been considered as darling and pampered dogs for thousands of years, Pugs almost do not know how to guard home and do not know what else to do other than eating, playing and sleeping. Pug breeds could be considered as the “pinnacle” of laziness. They are also very greedy, and eat a lot. Moreover, they eat whatever you feed them; hence, they are so easy to care. However, they are both lazy and gourmet, and thus, they are more likely to have obesity. Therefore, you should frequently take them for a walk and play often with them in order to force them to exercise more.

Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

Pug dogs are classified as companion dogs; they are very close, affectionate and intimate with their owners. They like to get attention and would like their owners to applaud, praise or rub their heads. Pug dogs are also playful, sociable and playable with all pets. Especially they are not destructive, less spoil things (unless there is nothing to play), do not bite to tear objects, hence, they are very suitable for raising inside a room or in small apartment in the city.

Food and regimen for Pug dogs

Pug dogs are not picky eaters, they can eat anything you give them. However, you need to control the amount of pug’s food, as they are very gourmet, which means despite how much you feed them, they would eat all.

How much is the most suitable food weight for your Pug? Usually a Pug will need an amount of food equal to 3- 4% of his or her weight, depending on the level of his or her daily activities and his or her age. Those who are active or are still young, under 6 months old, will need about 3.5%. Those who are both young and exercise a lot may require up to 4%. Older pug dogs will need less food, only around 2.8% of their weight.

Pug dog price range & Annual Pug puppies cost. How much are Pug puppies?

You should give your Pug canned foods, or dried food in granular form since they are clean, convenient, and tasty and simultaneously provide enough nutrition for your dear Pug.

Annual costs for Pug dogs

The Pug cost for a first-year is usually around $1000, including one-time costs such as dog house, dog mattress, dog belt, dog clothes etc, and other regular expenses such as food, bath oils, vaccination, health check etc. Since Pugs have short coats that do not need to be pruned a lot, you could save quite a lot of money from this cost. From second year, you only need to pay regular expenses which are usually around $500/year.

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