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Best Automatic (Self Cleaning) Litter Box for Multiple Cats

[go_pricing id=”automatic-self-cleaning-litter-box”] An automatic litter box is actually a game-changer for cat owners in this dispensation of technology. Assuming your closest pals were invited over for a dinner night and everything has been going as planned. Then immediately you welcomed them as they arrived, you became cognizant of the funny look on their face- an […]

What are the best real ingredients to feed my dog?

Over the last decade, human diets have shifted from eating convenient, processed food back to a real diet made from fresh, wholefood ingredients. Yet when it comes to our canine companions, most people are still feeding their dogs a diet that is largely made up of highly processed dry dog food. Like humans, it turns […]

Winter Is Coming! Keep Your Kitty Safe with Cat Clothing and Other Items

Having a cat running around the house may be fun, but you need to learn how to take care of a kitty properly. It would be best to be prepared with all the essential things even before bringing a cat home. But other than the essentials, take a look at some sites like to […]

Taking Care of Your Pet Rat. How To Train a Rat?

When you keep a pet, he becomes your responsibility entirely. You are the one who will have to take care of life, and thus, it is important that you understand well what you are supposed to do. Here is a list of a few things that you need to remember while taking care of your […]

Is Cat Insurance Worth It?

Today many Americans are increasingly treating their cats as members of their family, feeding them gourmet food, paying for daycare and throwing them parties.  More than 42 million of U.S. households own a cat, according to the American Pet Products Association, and most ‘cat parents’ enjoy lavishing their loyal companions with products and services to […]

How a Balanced Diet Can Be More Beneficial with an Automatic Dog Feeder

Nowadays, when life is getting faster and faster, people tend to be busier and busier. As a result, they might not have enough time to feed their dogs or give them a balanced diet. That is sometimes dangerous if the dogs are too full or too hungry. To deal with such a difficult-to-solve problem, the […]

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? – Discuss the Amount

One of the best ways to keep our pets healthy is to give them the right amount of food. If we give them less food than they need, they can suffer nutritional deficiencies, and doing the opposite can end up having dire consequences, among others, they may end up suffering from obesity. If this topic […]