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New Puppy Checklist: 4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Furry Friend

Are you getting close to the date when you finally get to bring home your new puppy? The waiting can seem to take forever, but soon your best friend will be snuggled at your feet getting to know your family. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. While puppy training can be tough at […]

How often should I deworm my dog?

Every dog owner knows how important it is to keep dogs and other pets parasite-free. But very few people do internal deworming the way it’s supposed to be done. The subject of deworming dogs has been hotly debated with countless opinions, conflicts of interests and opposing views which makes the whole process very confusing. Before […]

How To Choose The Best Flea Treatment For Your Dog

Over-the-counter and prescription flea medications are available to treat flea infestations in dogs. Commercially available flea treatments usually contain permethrin, which is an insecticide that’s safe for dogs but toxic to cats. Dish soap, baking soda, herbal flea spray, flea repelling plants, and other homemade solutions are also available. With a wide range of flea […]

Light Therapy for Dogs? How Much Does Light Therapy for Dogs Cost?

Dogs are our family members. Whether our excellent friends are competitors or companions, we want them to be better-off and healthy. If you are like us, your dog does not live outside tied to a rope. Your dog belongs in the house with you, eats in the kitchen, watches television with you, and is part […]

Dog Leash Types – What Should You Have?

Every dog needs a collar and a leash. By what other methods will you monitor your canine when taking him for a walk or going out traveling? For each canine, there is an ideal strap. A few dogs interact with various types of chains, and some probably won’t care for a specific kind of belt; […]

Best GPS Tracking Collars for Hunting Dogs Reviews

The safety of your dog matters. Dogs can be very curious which makes them wander off a lot. You don’t want to go through the stress of looking for your dog. That is why a GPS tracking collar is very important. A GPS tracking dog collar will always provide you with the location of your […]

5 Important Things to Know Before Buying Dog Food

We always try to provide the best quality foods to our beloved dogs to maintain their health and vitality. Getting the most selling or costliest food is never enough for your dog, and it ultimately boils down to the components used and quality measures adhered to. Dogs require diet according to their breed, physical conditions, […]

Are flea collars safe for cats and humans? The safest flea collar for cats

The infestation of fleas could cause some issues for your pet cat. These fleas are unpleasant and itchy and may come with parasites that may cause some infection for your car. To help prevent this itchy problem, it is therefore very necessary to fight against fleas even before they succeed in attacking your cat. With […]