Taking Care of Your Pet Rat. How To Train a Rat?

When you keep a pet, he becomes your responsibility entirely. You are the one who will have to take care of life, and thus, it is important that you understand well what you are supposed to do. Here is a list of a few things that you need to remember while taking care of your pet rat. Read on:

Taking Care of Your Pet Rat. How To Train a Rat?

1. Get the right cage.

Getting the perfect rat cage is absolutely important. Just because the rat is a tiny animal, it doesn’t mean that he will go and be able to live in any amount of space. The fact is that a rat needs more space than other animals of its size.

Thus, you need to take care of all the things- ventilation, hygiene, space, etc. while selecting the right cage for your rat. Also, if you are planning to keep a large number of rats, you will have to get a very big cage. Thus, getting the right cage should be your first priority.

2. Keep your pet rat happy and active

Secondly, you will have to get your pet rat a companion or some toys to keep him happy and active. Rats are pets that do not like to stay alone. You will have to give them time, and when you are not around them, provide them with toys or companies that will keep them occupied.

Leaving a pet rat alone for long will affect his health adversely. Thus, make sure that you do not leave your furry friend alone for long.

3. You will have to keep care of their diet as well.

You cannot feed a rat, just anything you want. A rat is a delicate animal and one with a small life. Thus, you will have to make sure that you give them the right food. One can get rat blocks at any pet shop. This is the food that is made for a rat, and thus, it is best you give them this.

You can also give them some fruits and vegetables but do not feed them more than they should eat. Apart from that, food made up of soy is far better for rats than one made up of corn. Mixed grain food should be completely avoided.

4. Take very good care of the bedding

Take very good care of the bedding that you keep for your rat. The bedding should not be wet or unhygienic as that can cause the problem to your rat s health. Thus, wash and change them regularly.

5. Find out a good vet

You will also have to find out a good animals doctor in case your rat falls ill ever. Rats do also have diseases. You will have to protect your rat against such diseases by taking proper care of them, and you will also have to keep a vet in case of need arises.

The above five things are the “must- remember” points out that you need to keep in mind while keeping a rat as a pet.

How To Train a Rat?

We all love to have pets! Be it a dog, a cat, or maybe a rat!!

Rats and humans have a lot in common. Rats are not just mammals like us but also require the same environment and food. So, one can easily make a rat his/her friend!

When it comes to training a rat, the most important thing is to make it feel loved. Always invite it with a tempting food in hand and call it with some cute name. Make a particular kind of sound to gather its attention, and slowly it will start responding to you. Shower it with love, care, and pamper it. When it comes near you, give it a soft cuddle or a kiss. Repeat it quite a times in a day, and Ratty will start recognizing you!

Train your pet daily but in a friendly manner. Never try to train it forcefully. Training needs patience! If your rat starts getting irritated or if it does not collaborate, give it some time but never punish.

Taking Care of Your Pet Rat. How To Train a Rat?

What about its dwelling place?

Like everyone, rats love freedom. While selecting a cage, make sure it is spacious. To make it more comfortable, you can accessorize it by putting a ladder or a swing. You can also put some toys for it to play. While selecting a toy, make sure that it does not harm it in any way like it should not be sharp or poisonous. If Ratty destroys the toy, replace it immediately as it may contain some harmful materials.

Give its food in the cage so that it can get habitual. You can keep interacting with it in the cage-like, putting a finger inside it or scratching it, etc. You better not scare or irritate him, as you would not like your pet to hate you! Keep rats foes at bay!

What about hygiene?

Like humans, rats also love clean and fresh surroundings. Keep cleaning the cage by some spray or a sponge. Various pet cleaning products are available in the market, like Cage cleaning trigger spray, disinfectant for pets. Keep bathing your Ratty to protect it from itching or some disease. Shampoo and brush it daily with care.

You can also give your Ratty litter training. Make a separate box for this purpose (you can use a small carton, etc.) and place it in an area where your Ratty usually likes to go to the toilet. Even if it does not litter in the box, keep bringing your pet near it so that it can smell it there. Once it gets habitual to it, Ratty will itself start littering in the box. Do train your rat for this, it will save you time!

‘How to train a rat’ now has all the answers! Your pet needs your attention and cares most. So engage yourself in some kind of game. Take Ratty in palm and cuddle. Let it run on your shoulder or leg. Give it good and healthy food. You can also bring another rat for more company. Once the rat gets trained in all the fields, let it enjoy and on its own!

How to choose a rat cage?

Deciding to keep a pet is a big decision because no matter how small it is when you decide to keep a pet, you decide to raise a life. With rats, the good part is that they are such things that it is quite easy to bring them up. However, you will need to provide them a good cage because that is what is going to make their home.

Thus, the most important question is – How to choose a rat cage?

In deciding to choose a rat cage, the first and foremost thing to decide is the number of rats you wish to keep. If you are going to keep a small number of rats, the whole process of choosing a cage is not going to be a difficult one. All you will need to do is find a cage that provides good bedding, nice toys that will keep your rat occupied and happy, appropriate ventilation, and are easy to clean. It is quite important to maintain hygiene for both yourself and your pet.

Thus, these are the only criteria that you need to keep in mind while choosing a cage for your rat. For keep one or two rats as a pet, one could go for any of these- aquarium cage, plastic cage, wire cage, etc.  Although all of these cages have their own advantages and disadvantages, each one of them will serve the purpose. If you wish to go in detail, you may choose accordingly. For instance, if you want a cage with the best ventilation quality, you should go for a wire cage.

If you want a cage that would not allow your rat to escape, you should go with an Aquarium cage. And if you need a cage that you can carry everywhere, buy a plastic cat. Thus, the answer to how to choose a best rat cages depends more on your personal needs and choices than anything in general.

The criterion for choosing a rat cage will be different if you want a cage that if for a large number of rats or for the rat breeding. In that case, you will need a big, sturdy, and spacious cage. A small cage will not do. Also, you will have to take care that you leave your rats in such a cage since when they are very small.

Leaving a rat in a big cage after it has already achieved its full growth can be dangerous for your pet. Similarly, if you want a big movable cage, you will have to get wheels attached to your cage (which is generally a custom option).

The Multiple Floor Ferret Tower and The Fop Yole Chrome Cage are the examples of such big cages that are used by people who keep a large number of cats. These big cages are also usually divided into rows and floors to provide divisional playing zones for the rats.

Thus, how to choose a rat cage depends mainly on three things- the number of rats that you are planning to keep, the need for your pet, and your own need as well.

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