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What are the best real ingredients to feed my dog?

What are the best real ingredients to feed my dog?

Over the last decade, human diets have shifted from eating convenient, processed food back to a real diet made from fresh, wholefood ingredients. Yet when it comes to our canine companions, most people are still feeding their dogs a diet that is largely made up of highly processed dry dog food. Like humans, it turns […]

How a Balanced Diet Can Be More Beneficial with an Automatic Dog Feeder

Nowadays, when life is getting faster and faster, people tend to be busier and busier. As a result, they might not have enough time to feed their dogs or give them a balanced diet. That is sometimes dangerous if the dogs are too full or too hungry. To deal with such a difficult-to-solve problem, the […]

7 Must-Have Supplies for a First-Time Dog Owner

Being a first-time dog owner is an exciting experience. However, your love and attention aren’t enough to help your pup thrive. Along with this new endeavor, you have to be well-prepared and armed with the right supplies to adapt to pet ownership. There are plenty of affordable dog supplies you can choose from. Just make […]

Dog crate furniture. Decorative dog crates. Dog kennel end table & TV stand

Best dog crate furniture. Decorative dog crates. Dog kennel end table

Dog crates look like furniture, why not? Most of dog crates are made of steel or plastic; these cages often have no aesthetics. They take a lot of space in the house and could not be used for other purposes rather than pet’s shelters. A dog crate furniture can solve this problem. This type of […]

Best Indoor Dog House. Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Price Range

Best Indoor Dog House Reviews. Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Price

A kennel is the first item that you need to buy as you start raising a dog. Most people like to use indoor dog house to feel close with their pets. There are many types of indoor dog kennels with different sizes and designs, including metal kennels, plastic kennels, soft kennels and wooden kennels. Indoor […]

Best insulated dog house & Heated dog house for Winter

Best Insulated dog house & Heated dog house. Outdoor winter dog house

Keeping dogs warm in winter is extremely important, especially for short-haired and respiratory dogs such as English & French Bulldog, Pug, etc. In addition to keeping your puppy warm with clothes, you should use heated dog house or insulated dog house. Price of a house in this type is only several tens of dollars higher […]