Winter Is Coming! Keep Your Kitty Safe with Cat Clothing and Other Items

Having a cat running around the house may be fun, but you need to learn how to take care of a kitty properly. It would be best to be prepared with all the essential things even before bringing a cat home. But other than the essentials, take a look at some sites like to get a better understanding of all the clothes and items your cat can wear to stay well protected during harsh and frigid winters.

Winter Is Coming! Keep Your Kitty Safe with Cat Clothing and Other Items

If you think your Persian cat might be able to get through winter just fine because of the fur, it would be best to reconsider. You might need to buy a sweater, hoodie, and other articles of clothing for your kitty. Here are a few tips on when to put an outfit on your cat and other things you may need to know.

Know Its Limits

You need to your cat’s limits in different weather conditions. They also get cold and hot, just like other animals and humans.

Cats that have less fur, are thin, and those that are old might be more sensitive to the cold weather than the more younger felines. That is why they must be adequately insulated with a sweater or hoodie, especially before going outdoors. Moving onto further details, remember that if you are chilly, your cat is probably cold too.

What You Should Know Before Dressing up Your Cat in an Adorable Hoodie

Before donning an article of clothing on your cat, be sure the temperature is suitable. Use a similar method that you use to wear clothes yourself. If the outside climate is freezing, but the house is warm, a thick sweater may not be required. Putting on a shirt, or nothing if the fur is thick, might be best.


There are certain risks your cat can be prone to while wearing a sweater.

If the fur is thick, its body might overheat when wearing a sweater. The reason why it has a fur coat is to keep the kitty warm. But that depends on the conditions the cat is used to. It might need a layer if it has been living in a home all its life, which lowers its natural instincts and senses.

Wearing a sweater can also inhibit your cat’s ability to move around freely. Unless it is used to wearing layers, it might not know that some of its capabilities might have been compromised. For instance, the cat may not be able to jump as far as it used to or run as fast.

Your cat’s sweater can also be caught in a branch when the kitty climbs up a tree. That can be a big problem if it’s nighttime and the temperature gets really low.

Putting a sweater on a cat might be necessary during the winter to keep it safe. But you need to be very careful, and keep watch to make sure you’re cat is active and performing as it used to, especially if the feline is young.

Winter Is Coming! Keep Your Kitty Safe with Cat Clothing and Other Items

Upgrade the Sleeping Quarters

You might change the sheets on your bed to a thicker textile, and use a thicker blanket to keep warm when asleep.

Similarly, your cat needs a warm bed to sleep in too. You might have seen sheepskin or other fancy looking covers for kitty beds on Instagram profiles of many online retailers, they can make a great addition to its bed to keep it warm.

Don’t Leave It Alone In a Vehicle

While going out to shop or running a couple of errands in the winter season, it would be best to leave your kitty at home.

You may have heard how they can get too hot in a locked car in the summer. Similarly, they can get too cold in a locked vehicle during the winters. That is why you should leave it at home or consider getting a kitty travel bag.

Be Prepared For Emergency Cases

When the extremes of the winter season come, many things can go wrong. You need to have an emergency plan in place for yourself and your cat in case there is a power outage or another problem. Have all the emergency supplies in-store, these could include food, water, medicine, and first-aid supplies.

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