How a Balanced Diet Can Be More Beneficial with an Automatic Dog Feeder

Nowadays, when life is getting faster and faster, people tend to be busier and busier. As a result, they might not have enough time to feed their dogs or give them a balanced diet. That is sometimes dangerous if the dogs are too full or too hungry. To deal with such a difficult-to-solve problem, the amazing machine was invented called Automatic Dog Feeder.

Many of you might have known about this machine before, and there may exist a curiosity in your mind that whether the “Automatic Dog Feeder can help in getting a balanced diet for your dog” or not. You will find the answer in this article. Let’s explore together!


A piece of general information about the Automatic Dog Feeder

You can easily find lots of details about this machine on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to be confused when too many related articles appear. Thus, I will help you to summarize that information so that you can get the clearest and easiest-to-understand ideas about the Auto Dog Feeder.

This amazing machine is defined as a pet food dispenser that automatically feeds your dog’s thanks to an electronic program contained inside it.

There are many different types of automatic dog feeders in the market. But the most popular ones recently include PetSafe Automatic Dog Food Feeder with Digital Clock, Petnet Smart Automatic Pet Feeder-Compatible with Alexa. More than that, you can find brands like Tdynasty Design Large Auto Dog Food Dispenser, Arf Pets Automatic Food Dispenser for Dogs, Orita Large Automatic Alexa Controlled Dog Feeder, WESTLINK Timer Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder, Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder, and WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder with Timer.

For more details about these brands and choices, click here

Besides the electronic program, this machine also contains plastic or ceramic dish. Its main responsibility is holding the available food for your dogs to eat. Additionally, you will also find an instruction instructing you to install and program the portions of the meals. No need to worry about how to use the machine anymore, right?

Depending on its size and type, each automatic dog feeder can cost from $10 to $180. In case you choose the gravity feeder, it can cost from $11 to $92. You can see that it is not too expensive to own an automatic dog feeder for your lovely dogs. So, why don’t you get one?

How the Automatic Dog Feeder works

There are several differences between the working process of a programmable timer dog feeder with that of a gravity dog feeder. Specifically:

Programmable timer dog feeder

You can easily designate the time and the quantity of the food that you want to feed your dogs. In that way, you are able to control their diet. No more worries if your dogs overeat. Moreover, keeping a balanced diet will help dogs to improve their energy, stop them from obesity as well as prevent them from diabetes.

Gravity dog feeder

Unlike the programmable timer dog feeder, the gravity one fills up the dog’s food dish based on the laws of gravity. In simple words, whenever your dogs eat the food from the tray that unlocks the holding compartment, there will be more food dropped out. This dog feeder is less expensive than the above one, but it cannot help in controlling the dog’s diet.

As a result, you should consider carefully before choosing a suitable automatic dog feeder for your dogs.

Does the Automatic Dog Feeder help in getting a balanced diet for your dog?

As I have mentioned above, the programmable timer dog feeder can help to provide your dog with a balanced diet as it has a motorized and electronic feature. Nevertheless, gravity is unable to do that. Therefore, whether the automatic pet feeder can help in getting a balanced diet for your dog or not depends on the types of machine you are using.

Let’s take an example of the Lebistro Programmable Feeder – an automatic dog feeder that can give your dog a balanced diet. It has a quite good capacity that can hold 10 pounds of food. Also, you can program it so that it can dispense a quarter, one, two, or even three cups of food at once. Thus, no matter how large or small the quantity of food given is, this machine will ensure the proper quantity before feeding your dog. Hence, you can feel safe when equipping the machine for your “best friend”.

My verdicts

With a feeder that works itself in your house, there exist no worries if you do not have enough time to feed your dog. More advanced, if you want this machine to get your dog a balanced diet, you should choose the one that uses the programmable timer. It is in some cases a little more expensive than those using gravity, but it has the memorized feature to control the quantity of food. Thus, there is no need to worry that your dog may overeat.

Personally, I suggest you should equip one automatic feeder in your house if possible so that you can have peace of mind at work. No more worries when you go home late or have to work overtime. The machine will help to feed your dog. Even if you take a trip for several days, it can also take care of your dogs.


The article has shown you a general picture about dog feeders including the definition, the popular brands, how it works as well as how it helps in getting a balanced diet for your dog. Even though my article cannot cover all details related to the Automatic Dog Feeder, I believe it contains enough information to answer your questions. Also, I hope the article can give you a positive view of this amazing machine.

It would be my honor if you like and share this helpful article with others. For more articles related to pets, let’s follow my page. Thanks for reading!

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