Where to buy a Pitbull puppies or dog? Top 4 Best Pitbull dog breeders in US

1. Bossy Pitbull Kennels

Bossy Pitbull is a small family of two persons. They stared their careers in this business in 2000, based on their huge loves for Pitbull. Bossy’s Pitbulls are always well-groomed and developed in the best possible condition. They are vaccinated against diseases, have a nutritious diet and are provided essential nutrients for growth. They also have a large gym space and follow a personal training program for comprehensive development.

Address: Murrieta, California 92564

Phone number: (203) 570-3788 or (530) 521-6246

Best Pitbull dog breeders in US. Where to buy a Pitbull puppies or dog?

Bossy Pitbull is well known for providing healthy dogs, vaccinated, cleared of Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza and any genetic defect that is life-threatening. Their website updates specifically the details about the origin, sex, age, and price of their dogs. Pitbulls moments are also recorded and updated regularly on their website. Buyers can watch the maturity process of their future Pitbull there. When Bossy’s puppies are 6 weeks old, people can start to order. Bossy will deliver your Pitbull within the day. After a while, in some cases if you no longer can afford to take care of your Pitbull, you should contact Bossy, they will bring their dogs back.

Breeds are raised: Pitbull only

Price: Bossy’s dogs are quite expensive, depending on the specific dog, the price is in the range of $5000 – $7500. The cheapest puppy is Bosy Hawai which costs $2500. The most expensive puppies are Gottiline and Greyline which cost $10.000.

Website: http://www.bossykennels.com/

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2. Manmade Pitbull Kennels

Address: Middle East

Phone number: 302-272-3625

ManMade Kennels (MMK) is one of the leading breeders in the US with more than 40 years of experience. They only breed Pitbulls as companions for the family, not the Pitbull fighters. They are present in both the Middle East and the US. The prestige and quality of their breeds are extremely outstanding. Their XL Pitbulls are big, cute, friendly, intelligent and very loyal.

Best Pitbull dog breeders in US. Where to buy a Pitbull puppies or dog?

Their habitat and nutritional condition are also the best in the world. In addition to being breastfed, all puppies also eat meat, vegetables and other nutrient supplements such as Bullyade. Therefore, their health status is well-guaranteed. The breeders of Manmade Pitbull spend most of their time entertaining, caring and training their dogs. The customers who come to Manmande Pitbull are guided to train, provide nutrition and exercise their dogs. People who want to purchase Manmande Pitbulls must first contact the breeder. Puppies are sold at the age of 6 weeks old.

Breeds are raised: Pitbull only

Price: not public. However, with the superiority of their unique XL Pitbull breed in the world, their puppies must be priced at least $6000.

Website: http://www.manmadekennels.com/

3. Finest Pitbulls Made kennels

Address: Nashville, Tennessee.

Phone number: 801-335-6770

Finest Pitbulls Made (FPM) is a prominent breeder with the highest quality in breeding and training of XL Pitbull in the world. They have won many outstanding awards in breeding and developing this leadership breed.

At FPM, Pitbulls are bred from the best Pitbull bloodlines in the world such as Razors, ICK, HBK, Gottiline, Camelot, Dagger… They are available in various colors: from blue, silver, beard blue, black to champagne, white as well as other colors. They are extremely quick, smart and healthy.

In terms of facilities, FPM is located on a 30 acres lot, has a private lake, an indoor training facility and a separate facility built for playing. Their Pitbull coaches mainly train dogs to improve the muscular strength.

Their website regularly updates information of their dogs, including the characteristics of health, origin, color… All dogs and puppies are registered, health checked, training completed and come with a contract before delivering to the buyer.

Breeds are raised: Pitbull, German and American Rottweiler

Price: not public (from $3000 for a puppy)

Website: http://www.finestpitbullsmade.com/

4. Real Real Chocolates

Address: Gainesville, Florida

Phone number: 386-496-9697

The owners of Real Real Chocolates kennel are Patrick and Elizabeth Miller. They are well-respected breeders of Pitbull fighters. Their dogs have the same color as the kennel’s name: chocolate. Their Pitbull fighters are very intelligent, healthy, brave and loyal. They are professionally trained in a specialized environment and practiced in real situations. They are quite skinny compared to the Pitbulls for the family while looking outside, but they have the great strength and willpower.

Many of Real Real Chocolates Pitbulls have won great prizes in the competitions: 1st prize at the Samarate exhibition (Va), 2nd prize at ADBA’s Top Dog event in Golden-Colorado… At their website, people can refer to the full information about the pedigree, characteristics of each dog. They also provide a lot of training and playing videos of their Pitbulls. To acquire one of Real Real Chocolates Pitbulls, you have to complete a survey form and deposit $31. You have to wait until their puppies are 8 weeks old. Breeds are raised: Pitbull only

Price: $1.500 for a Pitbull fighter puppy, $500 domestic shipping charges

Website: http://www.realdealchocolates.com/

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