Best dog food for Pug. How should we feed Pug puppies?

Raising Pugs is simple. They do not require to go outside or exercise everyday, do not need frequent grooming or massage, and especially, are not picky eaters. They are gluttonous, devouring anything you give them. Making your Pugs full is easy, but making them healthy is another story. For a good health, they need sufficient nutrition. So, what should you feed Pugs? This article will teach you how to feed and choose food for them.

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What do Pugs eat?

Pug dogs, like all other dog breeds, are carnivores. Their diet needs a lot of meat as their digestive system is primarily for protein absorption. They can also digest starches like rice, porridge, cakes. However, too much starch is unnecessary and can lead to obesity.


The Pug’s daily diet should contain at least 20-25% protein from meat, organs or other sources. As they are not picky, the meat can be pork (the leaner the better), chicken, fish or beef. Beef is the best because it is low in fat and is rich in protein.

If you feed Pugs ready-to-eat food, you need to look at the nutrient values on the food packaging to ensure the required protein level of 20-25%.


Fat is important as it helps smoothen the coat and strengthen the ability to absorb vitamins. A good diet for Pugs needs to have 10-15% fat. If you give them natural foods such as meat, fish, organs…, the fat content is balanced naturally and there is no need to add anything else.

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Best dog food for Pug. Pug diet. How should we feed Pug puppies?

On the other hand, if commercial food is used, you should take extra care. Ready-to-eat dog foods commonly contain less than the required amount of fat for Pugs because manufacturers fear that some dogs may get diarrhea if they consume too much fat. Therefore, you should take a look at the food’s nutrient content. If it has less than 10 – 15% fat, you should feed your Pugs additional fat sources like fish fat, chicken fat or vegetable oil (not lard).

Carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin

Carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin are mainly found in rice and vegetables. Almost all dogs do not like these foods, but as mentioned, the Pug is the exception. As gluttonous as they are, it is not difficult to have them eat vegetables (Pugs can even eat carrots when hungry). During the meal, you should give them a little bit of rice, vegetables and chopped vegetables mixed with meat for easier digestion.

Best dog food for Pug. Pug diet. How should we feed Pug puppies?

How should we feed Pugs?

Most Pugs are lazy so you should not feed them too much to avoid obesity. For little Pug puppies from weaning to 2 months old, you should feed them 5 times a day. Older puppies of  2 – 4 months should eat 3 meals a day. For older and grown up Pugs, two meals a day are enough. Instead of leaving their food in the bowl for a whole day, just leave the food there for half an hour then take it away. It is to train them to eat the food as soon as they are given.

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