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Gold-Rush Golden Retrievers – Breeder in New Jersey. Puppies for sale in Gold-Rush kennel

About Gold-Rush Golden Retrievers kennel Ann Johnson became a Golden Retriever person in the 1960s when she acquired her first Golden as a companion for her aging German Shepherd. She has been intimately involved with Goldens ever since. She is the founder of Gold-Rush Kennels, located in Wrightstown, New Jersey. Her Goldens (owned, bred, or […]

Poodle sizes & Poodle temperament. How to take care of the Poodle?

Poodle sizes (toy, miniature & standard) The poodle has three common sizes, known as Toy (small), Miniature (medium) and Standard (large). In addition to those size variants, there are less popular sizes, which are Moyen, Tiny toy and Teacup. In more details: Toy Poodle has a maximum height of 10 inches (25 cm) when standing and […]

Best dog food for Poodles. Poodle diet. How to feed Poodles?

Best dog food for Poodle Like all other breeds, the amount of food you should feed your Poodles depends on their size, age and level of activity. Dogs of the same size may not necessarily need the same amount of food. You should not copy exactly what other Poodle owners do – this is completely […]

Hair care & Hygiene care for Poodles. How to take care of Poodle’s coat?

Poodles rarely shed, which is a huge plus for people allergic to dog hair. There are many cases of allergic people feel completely comfortable around Poodles. Poodles are available in a variety of colors: black, white, gray, silver, brown, red and blueish (very rare). Their thick curly fur can be cut, trimmed or “styled” to […]

Jaipur Toy Poodles – Poodle Breeder in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Jaipur Toy Poodles is located in the eastern panhandle of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. It is a small home based kennel producing few litters a year. The founder of Jaipur Toy Poodles, Martha Thompson, have been breeding Toy Poodles for over 30 years. She is a member of Washington Poodle Club and has received […]

Ash’s Mystical Poodles – Breeder in Nevada. Poodle puppies for sale in Ash’s Mystical

About Ash’s Mystical Poodles kennel Located 1 hour west of Las Vegas, Ash’s Mystical Poodles has been breeding only poodles since 1974. With the slogan “Add a little magic to your life”, they have been making excellent family pets and companions. They have gorgeous puppies that are raised in their home and handled with love […]

Alaskan Malamute temperament & characteristics

Alaskan Malamute (or the Malamute dog) is a wild wolf that is domesticated by the Malamute tribe. Malamute dogs are very closely related to the Siberian Husky and the Samoyed. Their closest ancestor is the legendary arctic wolf. Anyone seeing an Malamute for this first time will be impressed by the large physique, powerful body […]

Best dog food for Alaskan Malamute. Alaskan Malamute diet

Alaskan Malamute is considered “noble” dog by breeders due to their requirements for strict training, hygiene and nutrition. Feeding Malamutes is a common headache to dog owners as they are picky eaters, requiring a high protein diet. So what should you feed your Malamutes? This article will show you how to choose the food for […]

How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

Raising Alaskan Malamute dogs is a real challenge, especially for first-time pet owners. The coat of the Malamute is very thick, requiring frequent care and trimming. Besides, they need strict diet and regular exercise to keep fit. Following are some detailed instructions on how to take care of Malamute puppies and adults. Best Gifts for […]

Debonaire Corgis – Corgi Breeder in Franklinville, New Jersey

Kathy Tanguay named her kennel “Debonaire” which means “courteous, gracious, having a sophisticated charm, carefree, happy, suave, and from the old French, of good lineage and disposition”. Since Kathy obtained her very first Cardigan, she has purchased what she believes to be a good lineage. She has her first two Corgis imports come from Saint […]