How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

Raising Alaskan Malamute dogs is a real challenge, especially for first-time pet owners. The coat of the Malamute is very thick, requiring frequent care and trimming. Besides, they need strict diet and regular exercise to keep fit. Following are some detailed instructions on how to take care of Malamute puppies and adults.

How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

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As a working dog breed, the Malamute is bred to do heavy work such as cargo transportation and constant sledding for tens of kilometers. It means they always have excessive energy that needs to be frequently released.

You should let them outside to exercise at least 2 times/ day and at least 30 minutes/ time. Otherwise, they can become hyperactive. Despite the largest arctic dog, the Malamute is much more gentle than the Husky and the Samoyed. When hyperactive, they rarely dig around, try to escape or bite shoes; instead, they appear bored, avoid food and bark loudly.

Their favorite exercises are long distance run (you can drive around the park and let them run after) and pulling heavy objects such as tires or weights. With little hunting instincts, they do not like playing fetch or ball catching. However, they can play those games if trained from early ages.

Daily hygiene care

To keep Malamute’s coat smooth and fresh, you need daily coat cleaning, weekly grooming, monthly bath (or every 2 months) and quarterly spa. It undoubtedly requires hard work and a lot of time. Also, you need to brush their teeth at least twice a week to prevent dental disease and smelly breath.

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How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

You should do some cleaning, brushing and brushing teeth for Malamute children early, when they are small puppies to familiarize themselves with these things. Gradually they will enjoy and enjoy when you are stroking, grooming.

You should start washing, grooming and teeth brushing for Malamutes when they are still small to familiarize them with these tasks, which they will enjoy gradually.


The Malamute is a herd dog. It means all individuals in the herd must follow the orders of the herd leader. If you raise an Malamute since small, instinctively, it will think you are the herd leader and will absolutely obey you. Therefore, training Malamute is relatively easy. The important thing is that you have to know how to command them in a way that they understand.

How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

Although their closest ancestors are wolves, their hunting instinct is not strong(due to many generations of crossbreeding for sledding). As gentle dogs, they rarely chase after small pets, drag objects or attacks other dogs, unless they get attacked first. Therefore, training them to be socialized is not difficult.

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