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Alaskan Malamute temperament & characteristics

Alaskan Malamute (or the Malamute dog) is a wild wolf that is domesticated by the Malamute tribe. Malamute dogs are very closely related to the Siberian Husky and the Samoyed. Their closest ancestor is the legendary arctic wolf. Anyone seeing an Malamute for this first time will be impressed by the large physique, powerful body […]

Best dog food for Alaskan Malamute. Alaskan Malamute diet

Alaskan Malamute is considered “noble” dog by breeders due to their requirements for strict training, hygiene and nutrition. Feeding Malamutes is a common headache to dog owners as they are picky eaters, requiring a high protein diet. So what should you feed your Malamutes? This article will show you how to choose the food for […]

How to take care of Alaskan Malamute? Alaskan Malamute training

Raising Alaskan Malamute dogs is a real challenge, especially for first-time pet owners. The coat of the Malamute is very thick, requiring frequent care and trimming. Besides, they need strict diet and regular exercise to keep fit. Following are some detailed instructions on how to take care of Malamute puppies and adults. Best Gifts for […]

Alaskan Malamute price range. How much is an Alaskan Malamute Puppy?

Alaskan Malamute puppies’ price could range from just $500 to more than $3,000.  Actually, the Alaskan Malamute price depends mainly on his/her color (red-white, black-white, brown-white), size (giant or standard) and his/her origin (AKC fully or limited registered). Thus, the issue now becomes how much Alaskan Malamute costs for a specific puppy. In this article, […]