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Debonaire Corgis – Corgi Breeder in Franklinville, New Jersey

Kathy Tanguay named her kennel “Debonaire” which means “courteous, gracious, having a sophisticated charm, carefree, happy, suave, and from the old French, of good lineage and disposition”. Since Kathy obtained her very first Cardigan, she has purchased what she believes to be a good lineage. She has her first two Corgis imports come from Saint […]

Windmill Kennel – Corgi & German Shepherd Breeders in Cumby, Texas

Heather and Ashley Miller have been active showing in AKC since 1995 while they have bred German Shepherds since 1995 as well. They have owned Cardigans since 2013, but they came into Cardigans with their connections from showing German Shepherds and were very well ahead of most first-time cardigan owners. They bred their first Cardigan […]

Trifecta Kennel – Pembroke Corgi Breeder in Lexington, South Carolina

Trifecta was established as a small breeding and show kennel in 1968, first with German Shepherd Dogs and then with Pembroke Welsh Corgis. At Trifecta, they have successfully combined the top American, British, Finnish and Australian bloodlines to present to the fancy the best Pembroke Welsh Corgi possible. Best Gifts for Corgi Lovers [ux_products products=”24″ […]

F&M Kennel – Corgi Breeders in Kansas. Corgi puppies for sale in F&M

About F&M Corgi’s kennel Michelle Horning and her husband, Frank, have been lovingly raising and breeding Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgis since 2008. Holding licenses as a breeder in Kansas and for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Michelle is currently a member of Tri-State Kennel Club of Joplin, Missouri. All of her dogs are […]

Vermilion Kennels – Corgi Breeder in Minnesota. Corgi puppies for sale in Vermilion

About Vermilion Kennels Located on about 8 acres of land just outside of Duluth, Minnesota, Vermilion Kennels is a small, in-home show kennel started by Barbara Peterson in 1986. As a member of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, Barbara has been breeding healthy puppies for 30 years. She has produced a number of conformation […]