Hair care & Hygiene care for Poodles. How to take care of Poodle’s coat?

Poodles rarely shed, which is a huge plus for people allergic to dog hair. There are many cases of allergic people feel completely comfortable around Poodles.

Poodles are available in a variety of colors: black, white, gray, silver, brown, red and blueish (very rare). Their thick curly fur can be cut, trimmed or “styled” to become extremely exotic and eye-catching. Around the world, there are many Poodles competitions for Poodles to show off their talent and their unique coat.

Hair care & Hygiene care for Poodles. How to take care of Poodle's coat?

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How to trim Poodles’ hair?

Grooming Poodles is not for busy people. If you want them to have a smooth silky coat, you should spend time grooming and trimming the coat regularly. You yourself may just need to go to hair salons every 3 to 6 months, but your Poodle will need grooming and hair care every 3-6 weeks, or even more often. So, if you are considering raising a poodle, consider the monthly cost of hair care.

If you are an amateur, you should take the Poodles to a pet care shop for hair trimming. However, if you have the time and would like to take care of your own Poodle, a kit including: scissors, comb, trimmer and, preferably, a tutorial book or video is necessary.

Even if Poodles have professional hair care, their coat still requires brushing every two days. Poodles are different from other breeds in the way that their curly and thick hair is so easy to get tangled. Regular grooming will keep the coat smooth. Besides, twice a week bathing is also essential to keep the coat clean, especially for Poodles living indoors.

Many Poodles have wet eyes, smudging the hair around. In such cases, you should wipe their eye area daily in the morning, with a soft towel and warm water, just like how you wash your face.

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Hair care & Hygiene care for Poodles. How to take care of Poodle's coat?

Hygiene care for Poodles

Brush your Poodle’s teeth at least 3 times a week to remove tartar and bacteria buildup in the mouth. Ideally, you should do this daily to thoroughly prevent dental diseases as well as bad breath.

Cut their nails once or twice per month. If you hear the nails touching the floor, then their toenails are too long and need to be trimmed to avoid their tearing or scratching the furniture. You certainly do not want to have a long wound on your face when your dog is enthusiastically playing with you.

Bathe, groom, brush your Poodles regularly from when they are small to get them familiar with daily personal hygiene. Do not forget to include strokes and rewards every time they are done.

Hair care & Hygiene care for Poodles. How to take care of Poodle's coat?

When brushing their hair, do not forget to check for visible eye diseases such as redness, inflammation, fungus, itching on the skin or in the eyes, nose, mouth and feet. Weekly examinations will help you detect their health problems early and to have them get timely treatment.

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