Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Corgi is a sheep herding dog breed originated in Wales, England. Nowadays, Corgi is popularly raised as family pets in many countries all over the world. Corgi price is just around $800 for each puppy, with annual rasing cost of around $800. This is not a very high expense for you to own a lovely puppy like Corgi. In this article, we would analyze how much Corgi prices are in details as well as discuss the best addresses for you to find a Corgi puppy for your family.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

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Corgi price range

Price of Corgi with limited registration

Corgi puppies with limited registration are specialized in being raised as family pets. These do not have family records and are not allowed for breeding.The level of blood purity is around above 90%. On the contrary, price of such a Corgi puppy is very reasonable, just from around $700 to $1200 for each puppy. If you only want to find a Corgi puppy for pet purpose, you should not concern much on the level of blood purity or on the family records. Finding a lovely one with good health is just enough.

Corgi puppies with limited registration are available on many pet websites. You will also find ones with no documents (at very cheap price) on such websites. Howerver, you should be carefull with those Corgi puppies like that. You should remember to require the sellers to give the logbook of health – check and vaccination as well as to give commitment of good health status before taking your puppy home.

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Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Price of Corgis with full documentation and breeding permit

Corgi puppies with breeding permit are offered at diverse prices. And they are classified into many different quality levels depending on the origin, breed purity and family records.

  • Corgipuppies with normal family records, and above 95% blood purity are offered form around $1200 to $2000 per puppy. These are suitable for both family pets and breeding.
  • Corgi puppies with good family record, above 99% of blood purity and coming from famous dog breeding farmsare often offered from around $2000 to $4000. Especially, Corgi puppies with a very outstanding apprerance, or with their parents winning Dog beauty shows before could cost you up to $8000.

Apart from types of Corgi raised for pet and dog breeding purposes, there is another kind of Corgis raised as cattle herding dogs. However, the number of such Corgis is rather few. The reason is that Corgi tends to have weaker and weaker role in cattle herding abilities compared to other dog breeds such as Collie

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Pet websites

Pet websites are considered as suitable places for you to find a Corgi puppy with limited registration, or with full registration and normal family records. Even there are many Corgi puppies offered with no official documents. Corgi puppies’ price on pet website is very diverse, from only around $400 to several thousand of $ for each puppy.You can refer to several websites as below:

  •– This is a very famous pet website, almost everyone raising family pets knows it. Most Corgi puppies at this website are qualified and offered popularly from around $800 to $2000.
  •– Puppy Finder is evaluated as a relatively more reliable website than others. It provides many functions such as sellers’ information authentication, price and seller’s address filter. The information is very detail, hence, it makes your trading process much more convenient.
    Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?
  •– Hobby is also a simple pet website, but very popular. Many Corgi puppies are for sales here. However, this website provides rather few functions.This website only has the function that help you filtering the sellers only by State rather than by prices. Also, this website provides no sellers information authentication.
  • AKC Market Place – AKC is definitely the most reliable pet website for all dog breeds. This website has functions that allow filtering sellers according to their addresses, licenses and prizes. And there is also the functions that allow to filter pet information according to their gender, family records, size etc. Corgi puppy sellers on AKC are very reliable because their information has been authenticated.

Reputed Corgi breeders

Reputed Corgi breeders below are reliable address for you to find a high quality Corgi puppy with full document, and suitable for dog breeding. Price of a Corgi puppy in such farms is rather quite high, from $2000 to $5000 depending on their quality. If you are simply looking for a Corgi puppy to raise him or her as pet, you should refer pet websites recommended in above section.

1. Nistler’s Farm Corgis

Nistler’s Farm has experienced in breeding Corgi breed for dozen of years. Corgi puppies at this farm have qtrather small size, just from around 10 inch to 12 inch high and they commonly weigh from 18 pounds to 23 pounds. So they are very suitable for being raised as family pets. All of them are registered with AKC and at APRI.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Generally, Nistler’s Farm Corgis is a small yet quality dog breeding farm. They do not let their dog participate in any dog beauty shows, they just only raise and breed Corgi because of their passion for this dog breed. You should check more information about Corgi puppies of this dog farm and contact them here –

2. Dragonjoy Corgis

Dragonjoy is a professional Corgi breeding farm. They have been wining many prizes at big dog beauty shows almost every year. The quality of puppies born at Dragonjoy farm could be ranked at the top quality in America. The price of each puppy is not public on website, but it is not low for sure.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

If you are interested in purebred Corgi puppies with great family records for dog breeding, you could refer more information about the farm, or contact them here as well –

3. Jimanie Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Jimanie is also a reputed Corgi breeder and used to be awarded many prizes at Dog beauty shows. The farm was established in 1968, and the farm has specialized in breeding Pembroke Corgi, Cardigan Corgi and German Shepherd. All puppies born here have very high blood purity as well as high gene quality. Jimanie farm owner used to be member of board director, and Vice President of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Price of a Corgi puppy at Jimanie farm often is not less than $3000. Specific price level depends on quality and family records of each puppy. If you are interested, you could refer more information and contact Jimanie here –

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