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Great Pyrenees price range. Where to find Great Pyrenees puppies for sale?

Great Pyrenees is a mountain dog breed granted the mission of protecting sheep, goats, cattle and anything related to their family’s “territory”. The loyalty of Pyrenees is rarely seen, they always have unconditional love to their owners. Great Pyrenees are likely to show their luxury and nobility which easily leave a great impassion to anyone at their first sight. However, Great Pyrenees price has currently been not quite high, about $600 per puppy, on the average. Through this article, we will provide more information about prices, reputable places to buy Great Pyrenees and some details about this breed’s appearance and personalities.

Great Pyrenees for sale price range. How much do Great Pyrenees cost?

Great Pyrenees for sale price range

Limited registered Great Pyrenees price

Limited registered Great Pyrenees  that are raised as pets are priced from $500 to $900 per puppy. If you need to raise a puppy only for satisfying your passion rather than for breeding purposes, a limited registered Great Pyrenees puppy would be a suitable option for you. 

Australian Shepherd price range. How much does an Australian Shepherd puppy cost?

Australian Shepherd is the dog breed that has the origin from America, but is popularly raised in Australia. They are called by different names such as Australian Berger or Aussie. They are raised as protecting dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, sheepdogs, guard dogs, circus performing dogs, etc. Currently Australian Shepherd price is not very high, around $700 for each puppy, on the average. If you are interested in this dog breed and looking for a puppy, this article could help you in searching information. We would recommend you some information on prices, pet websites and reputed dog breeders for your reference.

Australian Shepherd price range. Where to buy Australian Shepherd puppies

Australian Shepherd price range

Australian Shepherd is classified into 2 kinds: dogs with limited registrations (raised for pet purpose only) and dogs with full registrations (allowed for breeding). You could choose a suitable Australian Shepherd puppy depending on your living conditions and raising purposes.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Corgi is a sheep herding dog breed originated in Wales, England. Nowadays, Corgi is popularly raised as family pets in many countries all over the world. Corgi price is just around $800 for each puppy, with annual rasing cost of around $800. This is not a very high expense for you to own a lovely puppy like Corgi. In this article, we would analyze how much Corgi prices are in details as well as discuss the best addresses for you to find a Corgi puppy for your family.

Corgi price range. How much do Corgis cost. Where to buy a Corgi puppy?

Corgi price range

Price of Corgi with limited registration

Corgi puppies with limited registration are specialized in being raised as family pets. These do not have family records and are not allowed for breeding.The level of blood purity is around above 90%. On the contrary, price of such a Corgi puppy is very reasonable, just from around $700 to $1200 for each puppy. If you only want to find a Corgi puppy for pet purpose, you should not concern much on the level of blood purity or on the family records. Finding a lovely one with good health is just enough.

German Shepherd price range. German Shepherd dog puppies for sale price

German Shepherd (GSD) is one of the four most famous German dog breeds (i.e. Rottweiler, Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher and Leonberger) in the world. German Shepherd could be raised as a family member, as a house/farm guardian, or as a police and army dog. Purebred German Shepherd price is about $500 on average and divided into many levels depending on raising purposes. You could found detail information on how much German Shepherd puppies are in this article.

German Shepherd price range. How much are german shepherd puppies

German Shepherd price range

$400 – $800

German Shepherd price ranges from $400 to $800 for puppies raised as pets. They are usually born in normal families that have not much experience on dog breeding, so the breed’s quality is just basic, and they often do not have full registration.

You could also find such German Shepherd at around $300 or less than that.  However, you should carefully check his or her health before taking home.

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