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Brialey Beagles – Beagle Breeder in Cootamundra NSW, Australia

Brialey Beagles is owned by James, Brian & Lesley Childs. They are not just a family but also partners working with the common goal of breeding quality Beagles. They have developed the Brialey brand by opening many branches in different countries in the world such as England, Malaysia, New Zealand… Their Beagles have achieved many […]

Pocket Beagles – Beagle Breeder in Quitman, Texas

Pocket Beagles is one of 30 breeding kennels that have been recognized by Texas. Established in 1997, since then, they are well-known as an excellent quality breeder in the US and abroad as well. Pocket Beagles specializes in puppies, that’s why they do not have many Champions. Their puppies live in a comfortable environment with […]

Lane Rae Beagles – Beagle Breeder in Greensboro, North Carolina

Lane Rae focuses on breeding Beagles based on criteria to maintain and improve the bloodline quality. In addition, they have Beagles with a variety of sizes and pelt colors. Thanks to the investment in breeding quality, in 2016 they have won honored prizes in the USA Rankings with 5 Beagle Show Breeder and 3 Champion […]

K-run Beagles – Beagle Breeder in St. Louis, Missouri

K-run is a small breeder in the US but has high breeding quality. They focus on Beagle breeding that conforms to the AKC standard for health and temperament. All K-run dogs are carefully bathed, shampooed, manicured as well as groomed. They are practiced MLS-tested exercises to improve health and defense capability. Many of K-run Beagles […]

Dialynne Beagles – Beagle Breeder in West Midlands, England

Established by Marion Spavin, Dialynne Beagles is one of the oldest and most reputable Beagle breeders in the US. Since its founding in the 1950s, Marion has created more than 60 Champions. Spending time visiting their website, you will find information about the Dialynne Champions in the present and past.