How To Sign Up To A Registered Breeder Club?

Deciding to own a dog is a huge responsibility. Deciding to breed dogs for other people is an even bigger one! There are plenty of factors that go into the process of pet parenting, and where people get their puppies is one of the first things they’ll need to consider.

While they can probably get one from a friend or some random person online, the best practice that we suggest is always to look for registered breeders. If you’re planning on being a breeder yourself, you might want to consider joining a registered breeder club.

There are plenty of existing organizations so finding the right one might be tricky. Luckily there are Australia registered dog breeders that have already built a name for themselves! But before we get into signing up for one of these clubs, let’s learn a few things about what they really are and why they’re important to the dog breeding community. Not only is this important information for people looking for dog breeders, but also for people looking to be dog breeders!

How To Sign Up To A Registered Breeder Club

What Are Registered Breeders?

Registered breeders go through a strict validation process that involves animal care experts, health and safety inspections, and local and national regulations and standards, to name a few. They are required to regularly comply with these standards to help assure the quality of life that’s being provided to the pets and animals being bred.

You may be aware of some registered breeder clubs that only deal with breeding dogs for competition. While their standards are also very strict and assure high-quality breeds, sometimes these dogs might not be suitable for home care and it’s important to be aware of this distinction.

Many breeders also have a preference for pure-breds or certain popular cross-breeds. These particular breeders go through very detailed histories of their dogs. The breeding conditions of the very first generation are just as important as the most recent ones.

Generally, however, dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds, and backgrounds deserve as much care as all the other ones that have their own dedicated clubs. This is why registered breeders are very important. They ensure that every dog, no matter the breed, can get the same care and attention so they can be born into a loving world just like they deserve to.

If you’re looking to be a registered breeder, we encourage that you give all dogs, and not just the popular or high-pedigree ones, a chance at finding a new, loving home and family!

How To Sign Up To A Registered Breeder Club

Why Join A Registered Breeders’ Organization?

Aside from being able to provide healthy and happy dogs with good quality assurance, being a registered breeder takes away attention, resources, and empowerment from those who might not be doing the best practices for ensuring the welfare of the animals they’re breeding.

Choosing legitimate and registered organizations will help bring awareness to the correct and humane ways of breeding animals. It also allows you to communicate with other breeders and pet owners to have healthy conversations about your animals and how to best care for them.

But the most important reason of all is it helps to bring us closer to a world that doesn’t abuse and mishandle animals. Plenty of cruel and inhumane breeders go unnoticed and animals suffer at their hands every day. Taking the initiative to become a responsible and legitimate breeder and encouraging other potential breeders to do the same can have a great effect on the future of animal breeding as a whole.

How Do You Sign Up?

Signing up for a registered breeder club is fairly simple, but it’s good to know some of the well-known ones out there! Responsible Pet Breeders Australia has a website where you can sign up and be a member. It’s good to know about the way they work and what their ethics are.

You can find information about the different local and state standards that you need to meet, as well as other documentation that you’ll be required to submit. Be aware that some standards are subject to regular inspection to ensure you’re maintaining the best practices for the animals you’re breeding.

Once you sign up, you’ll be made a probationary member and must meet the organization’s standards. If after the trial period, you remain eligible, you’ll become a full member and be fully registered and verified. Carrying the name of Registered Breeder will make you a trusted member of the community, but it’s also a responsibility you’ll have to uphold!


Signing up for an Australian registered breeders club is beneficial not only for your own aspirations of being a breeder but also for the breeding community as a whole. If we keep holding ourselves to only the best standards when it comes to ensuring animal welfare, then we can help do away with bad practices and ensure a brighter future for breeders and pets.

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