Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

The Boxer is a German kick boxer and hound dog breeds. Boxers are well known for their sturdy, warlike and loyal personalities, and they used to be widely raised as guard and housed dogs at the end of 19th-century in Europe. Today, Boxers are popular kind of pets in the United States and European countries. Current Boxer dog prices are around $600 to $900 per puppy. High quality and good family records Boxers will have higher price. We will list Boxer’s prices and the annual costs for each Boxer as follows.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

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Boxer dog price range

Boxers are raised for pet purpose cost about $600 to $1600 depending on origins and family records. The higher prices Boxers are usually raised for breeding or paticipating dog shows.

Boxer dog prices for pet purpose

Limited registered Boxer puppies raised for pet purpose only could cost between $600 and $900. These Boxers are ideal for pet purpose with their reasonable prices. These puppies are often sterilized before taken to new homes to control breeding.

Limited registered Boxer puppies are sold a lot at pet sites. You can find one Boxer puppy with good price at one of the following websites:

Fully registered Boxer dog prices

If you want your Boxer to be completely “natural”, you can look for fully registered Boxer puppies. These puppies usually have the price range between $900 and $1,600, this price range is suitable for both pet purpose and breeding purpose. However, you should notice that these Boxer puppies are not sterilized, especially male Boxers are aggressive, warlike and easy to leave home when they have been coming into the estrous period.

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Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

You can find full registered Boxer puppies here:

Premium Boxer dog prices

Premium Boxer dogs have purebred genes, good family records, that are often bought and raised by professional breeders with propagation as main purpose. Some excellent puppies may be selected to join the dog shows. The price of a premium Boxer is usually between $1,600 and $5000. The amplitude of price is very large because it is difficult to price such a puppy. Some breeders are strictly demanding when they have to let their premium Boxer puppies to a new home. You may have to satisfy all facilities conditions and raising experiences, before talking about prices.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

If you want to buy a premium Boxer, you can refer to some websites of famous breeders as follows:

Appearances & Personalities of purebred Boxer


Boxer dog breeds are created for protection, guard and fight, so their bodies are sturdy and muscular. They are usually from 50 to 65cm, could weigh between 25 and 35kg, their bodies look neat and balanced. Muscles at the shoulders, thighs, chest and hips are well developed.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

Boxers have short hair that is close to their skin, the most common Boxer color is yellow – white and brown – white. In addition, there are many other less common colors such as: streaked, black, white. Streaked Boxers are often cost more than other color Boxers because they look fierce, eyecatching and rare.


Boxers are quite stubborn, hard teaching so they need to be trained when they were young. With family members, Boxers are considered as quite friendly and sociable dogs. They are not considered as aggressive dog breeds, but they often display inordinately about territory protection if there are any violate signs. Therefore, training for Boxers is very necessary.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

You, yourself can train Boxers when they are still young. But giving your Boxers for a short training course, or buying a trained Boxer is what you should do to limit their aggression. Trained Boxers prices are usually about $200 to $300 higher than untrained Boxer dogs.

Annual cost for a Boxer

First year cost

The first year cost for Boxers will be high, because you have to buy daily facilities for them. These will cost about $500 to $700 if you buy new things and only about $300 if you find secondhand items the online shops. In addition, it will take you $300 more if you would like to give your Boxer a basic communication and behavior training at pet centers.

Regular expenses include periodic health checks, pet caring or travel expenses (if you regularly travel far away), bath gel, new toys, etc, and especially food costs. Boxer dogs have high activity intensity and well-developed muscles so they have to eat a lot. Annual food cost for each Boxer puppies is usually twice of that for other dog breeds with the same sizes. But in return, you almost have zero cost for hair care. The total regular costs are around $700 per year, on the average.

Thus, the first year cost for a Boxer is usually around $1200 to $1500.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

From the second year

From the second year, you only need to pay regular expenses as indicated above, which are is only about $600 to $900 per year; it can even be lower if you save.

However, it is important to notice that if your Boxer dog has poor health, and usually gets sick, the cost can go up very quickly. Therefore, choosing a healthy, fully registered, and well-monitored Boxer puppy before taking him or her home is very essential. These Boxer puppies can cost more than $100 – $200, but it would cost you thousand dollars for health treatment.

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