Big Mac Boxers kennels – Boxer Breeders in Kentucky

Big Mac Boxers is one of the largest breeding establishments in the US, located in 196 Mary Grubbs Hwy Walton, Kentucky. The Big Mac’s owner – Jeannie McElroy, is an AKC reviewer and a member of many Boxer clubs such as North America, US-BOX… Big Mac has been established since 1995 and so far have years of experience in the Boxer training, development and caring.

Big Mac Boxers kennels - Breeders in Kentucky. Boxer price in Kentucky

In their breeding process, Jeannie and her staffs pay much attention to the genetic quality, phenotype, temperament, and pedigree of Boxers. They strive to produce Boxers ensuring the heart health and longevity according to the FCI standard. All their mature Boxers will have to pass the Echo-cardiogram and Holter tests, as well as perform thyroid tests, hepatic, DM, OFA and AND certification.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

The Boxer is a German kick boxer and hound dog breeds. Boxers are well known for their sturdy, warlike and loyal personalities, and they used to be widely raised as guard and housed dogs at the end of 19th-century in Europe. Today, Boxers are popular kind of pets in the United States and European countries. Current Boxer dog prices are around $600 to $900 per puppy. High quality and good family records Boxers will have higher price. We will list Boxer’s prices and the annual costs for each Boxer as follows.

Boxer dog price range. Boxer puppy cost. How much are boxer puppies?

Boxer dog price range

Boxers are raised for pet purpose cost about $600 to $1600 depending on origins and family records. The higher prices Boxers are usually raised for breeding or paticipating dog shows.

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