Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

The Great Dane, “Apollo of the Dogs,” is known as the world tallest dog breed. A Great Dan could be 1 meter high and weigh up to 80kg but the body is extremely slim and sturdy. Great Dane price are quite high, about $ 1100 per puppy on the average. However, costs for raising a Great Dane puppy are very high. We will analyze details of Great Dane dog prices and annual costs for raising them as follows.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

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Great Dane price range

Great Dane dog prices is about $ 1100 per puppy on the average, their prices could range from $ 800 to $ 3000 depending on the quality and origins.

Price of Great Dane raised for pet purpose only

Great Dane dogs that are limited registered and are able to raise for just pet purpose usually have prices from $ 700 and $ 1200. These puppies are often sterilized before taken homes so that they are gentler and more obedient. The most important for doing this is that they would not be aggressive into estrous period, and hence, these Great Dane dogs are suitable for being raised in crowded residents areas.

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Price of Great Dane raised for breeding purpose.

Fully registered and complete family records Great Dane puppies are available for breeding, their prices are usually from $ 1200 to $ 2500. Although the right to breed sounds attractive, however, you should avoid raising them in residential areas if they are not trained properly.

The reason is that Great Dane dogs have not been sterilized, especially males, that are often display fiercely behavior and inordinately about territory protection in the breeding season. This is a very normal instinct in dog breeds, but it can make serious consequences. They can attack people or any dogs stray into their “territory.” Due to their giant size, Great Dane’s bites can have very serious consequences.

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Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Purebred and very good family record Great Dane prices

Great Dane puppies with 99% in breed purity and with many generations that have giant sizes or have won awards of dog shows could be usually priced from $ 2500 to $ 4000 (or more). These puppies are often raised by professional breeders for genetic improvement, or for being trained to participate in dog shows.

Great Dane raising cost

The cost for raising a Great Dane is between $ 1000 and $ 1500 per year. This cost includes periodic health checks, clothing, toys, insurance (if any), food, etc.

In the first year only, you have spend about $ 1000 to buy essential items such as cages, ropes, cushions, etc. Due to Great Dane giant size, these items should be fit with them. That makes the cost significantly higher than other dog breeds. So the total cost in the first year would be about $ 2000 to $ 2500 – which is twice of the price of a normal Great Dane.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Food cost for Great Dane dogs

Food cost is certainly the most expensive cost for raising Great Dane dog breeds.

This is very easy to understand, every adult Great Dane could weigh up to 80kg and eat 2kg of food per day. Especially in the first year, Great Dane will need to eat huge amounts of food; they can eat up to 3kg food per day to gain weight from 8kg to 60kg in less than 8 months. Therefore, just food costs are at least $ 800 per year, that is if you save. If you use high quality food, the cost will be much higher.

Cooking by yourself for your puppy is also a way to reduce costs. However, you need to ensure a nutritious, a rich protein diet for your puppy to develop their muscles well. Personally, I like to use ready-to-eat foods, although it is slightly higher in prices, but it is more convenient, full of nutrition and very clean.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Appearances and Personalities of Great Dane

Purebred Great Dane‘s appearances

Great Dane has a very huge body and normally weighs between 55kg and 80kg. Greatest Great Dane dogs can be up to 1.2m tall and weigh up to 100kg. Normally, Great Dane puppies whose parents are taller will have higher prices. Although the size is very huge, the body is not clumsy yet very neat, sturdy with well-developed muscles; the skin is not sagging like many other large dog breeds.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Great Dane’s fur is very short, silky and close to their skin, so it is very easy to clean, and it will reduce times required to comb the hair. Great Dane just needs to take bath 2-3 times a month. Great Dane fur could have all colors like black, white, chocolate brown, black – white, yellow, gray, orange, striped etc. Great Dane prices are somehow influenced by their fur color. Normally Great Dane dogs with black-and-white, yellow and striped colors will have higher price than other color dogs.

Personalities of Great Dane dogs

Great Dane dog breeds are easy to be trained; their obedient and satisfying personalities are natural instincts of this dog breed. They are also intelligent dogs, so it does not require much effort to teach them. Great Dane dogs need to exercise a lot and they must be run every day to clear up exceeding energy.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Although they have their origin as large and aggressive hound dog breeds, today, Great Dane dogs is very gentle, mild and close to humans. The reason is that, by the end of the 19th century, hunting has not been considered as modern sport by noble classes. Great Dane dogs, hence, are bred in a gentler way to suitable for being raised in homes and crowded resident areas.

Things to consider when buying Great Dane dogs

Although some Great Dane dogs are gentler, some of the Great Dane puppies are still as aggressive as their ancestors. Therefore, if you live in a crowded residential area, you should choose a well-trained Great Dane to ensure safety. The price of a trained Great Dane is usually about $ 300 higher than other puppies.

Great Dane puppies price range. How much does a Great Dane cost?

Sterilization is also an effective way to reduce Great Dane’s aggressiveness personality, especially during the breeding season. As discussed above, the price for pet purpose Great Dane (sterilized) is only $ 1100, on the average.

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