Weimaraner for sale price range? Where to find Weimaraner puppies for sale?

Weimaraner is a hound dog that has the origin from Germany. They own a lot of skills such as hunting, rescuing, and tracing. Besides, they are also very loyal, self-motivated and very easy to be trained. This dog breed is popularly raised as pets in Australia and the US. Weimaraner price is currently not too high, about $700 for a puppy, on the average. If you are looking to buy a Weimaraner puppy, the article below will certainly be very useful to you. We will provide you necessary information on prices, prestigious addresses to find Weimaraner puppies for sale and characteristics of purebred Weimaraner for your reference.

Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?

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Weimaraner puppies for sale price list

Based on raising purposes and quality, Weimaraner dog prices are divided into 2 different categories: limited registered Weimaraner dogs (Weimaraner raised as pets only) and fully registered Weimaraner dogs (Weimaraner allowed for breeding).

Limited registered Weimaraner price

For these puppies, you could only raise them as pets and you will not be permitted to breed them. The prices of these puppies are reasonable and fluctuate from $600 to $900 per puppy. Weimaraner dogs with their friendly, loyal, easy to train characteristics will be the ideal pet for your family.

Price of fully registered Weimaraner dogs

Based on raising purposes, this dog breed will have different prices, the level of price difference depends mainly on genealogy, lineage and breeding farms of puppies.

  • Weimaraner puppies coming from ordinary breeding farms have prices fluctuating from $1000 to $1400 per puppy. These puppies usually have normal family records, over 95 percent of breed purity, and are mainly raised as pet.
  • Weimaraner puppies coming from well-known breeding farms will have higher prices, ranging from $1500 to $7800 per one. Puppies with outstanding genealogy and premium bloodlines are raised for breeding and taking part in Dog shows.

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Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?

Price of Weimaraner dogs imported from Germany

Prices of Weimaraner dogs imported from Germany are very high, like most of the other dog breeds imported from this country. Every fully registered Weimaraner puppy which is purchased in Germany usually costs not less than $2000, but puppy transported to the US have prices ranging from $3000 to $5000 depending on genealogy quality and characteristics of each baby.

Weimaraner dogs that are bred in Germany kennels are always famous for their purity of gene quality and standard appearances. They are suitable for breeding or participating in dog shows.

Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?

Where to find Weimaraner puppies for sale?

Weimaraner dogs for sale from classifieds websites

  • http://www.hoobly.com/weimaraner-puppies-for-sale/ – This is a website that have comprehensive advertisements of Weimaraner sellers, therefore you can find a large amount of Weimaraners here. Weimaraner puppies here diverse in terms of ages, colors, sizes, and prices, hence, you will have you plenty of appropriate choices here.
  • http://www.puppyfinder.com/weimaraner-puppies/ – Similar to Hoobly, this is also a prestigious advertisement website specializing in pets that you can refer. The number of Weimaraner puppies for sale here is also quite large and they are varied in terms of colors, sizes, and prices so you will easily choose a suitable puppy here.
  • http://marketplace.akc.org/puppies/weimaraner – This is probably the most reliable website that anyone has known. AKC Market will give you dogs guaranteed 100% in terms of health and you also do not need to worry if there are any problems after picking the puppies home because breeders at the AKC always have full warranty.

Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?

Weimaraner puppies for sale from prestigious breeders

1. Millers Kennel

This is a professional breeding farm that has long experience in breeding Weimaraner dogs. They have created many beautiful, healthy and intelligent dogs, and achieved high awards in contests and Dog shows. This is the address providing you high-quality Weimaraners that you should refer.

You can find more information and contact them here: http://www.millerskennel.com/

2. Owyheestar

Every dog ​​that they created is the result of effort, conscientiousness, and sincere love that they give to their companions. Weimaraner puppies here are guaranteed in terms of health and personality. This address is worthy for your reference if you are really interested in this dog breed.

You could refer information and contact the breeding farm here: http://www.owyheestar.com/

Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?

3. Driftwood Weimaraners

People can feel that members of the farm and Weimaraners are as a family. They always want to create the best environment for the growth and development of each puppy . They also give Weimaraners the most sincere love and the most considerate care. Therefore, when you come here, you could have peace of mind about quality and health of Weimaraners here.

You could find more information and contact Driftwood Weimaraners here: https://driftwoodweimaraners.com/

Characteristics of Weimaraner dogs


Weimaraner is a dog breed that has a very athletic, firm and agile body. This dog breed has a height of 25-28 inches (64-69 cm) and weighs from 60-80 pounds (25-32 kg). They have a natural and very funny bobtail. Weimaraner eyes are light amber, gray or blue-gray.

The Weimaraner coat is very short and smooth. Their fur has many colors from charcoal to silver-grey, even gray-green. This dog breed does not have thick fur, so they are very vulnerable and feel cold in the winter.

Weimaraner puppies for sale price range? Weimaraner dogs cost?


Weimaraner is naturally brave, agile and friendly with everyone.  They prove that they are very easy to be trained and are wonderful companions. They especially like to be active, therefore you should let them run every day. This dog breed likes to live close to nature, so the best environment for Weimaraner is some places that are spacious and near the woods.

Weimaraner is not independent dog breed and they always need their owners  on their sides. You should not leave them alone for too long because this will make them worry. When they worry, they might be barking, howling, moaning and even digging until their owners return. Other behaviors of this condition can include feeling panic and over-drooling together with destructive behaviors.

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