Rottweiler puppy price range. How much does a rottweiler puppy cost?

Rottweiler (Rott) is one of four precious German dog breeds. With their strong appearance and physical stamina, especially their faithfulness, Rottweiler has been considered as one of favorite dog breeds for both families and professional breeders. Currently Rottweiler price range for family pet purpose is around $600 – $1500. Rottweilers whose parents are immigrated from German, or who have the “Champion” bloodlines (their ancestors have won Dog beauty competition before) could cost from $2000 to $4000. You could have detail information on Rottweiler dog price in this article.

Rottweiler dog price range. How much are Rottweiler puppies?

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Rottweiler price ranges

$300 – $600

You can buy normal Rottweiler puppies from the amateur breeders with prices around $300 to $600. They are suitable to become pets, house-guardians or farm-guardians etc.

You could find Bealge puppies under this price range here:

$600 – $1000

Rottweilers that cost from $600 to $1000 usually come from professional Rottweiler dog breeding farms; they have higher level of pure breed and have fully AKC registration. They could be raised as family member, family/farm guardian or breeding purpose.

You could find Rottweiler puppies under this price range here:

$1000 – $1800

Besides the commitment for a high purebred and fully AKC registration, Rottweilers in this price range have the ancestors (their parents or their grand-parents) which used to join or won the Dog beauty competition before.

They are absolutely suitable for breeding purpose, or plus if they have an eye-catching appearance, they can take part in the Dog beauty competitions. Under this price range, you could find Rottweiler puppies at AKC Market Place.

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Rottweiler puppy price range. How much does a rottweiler puppy cost?

Above $1800

Rottweilers with special origin such as their parents are immigrated from Europe, or they have the “Champion” bloodlines usually cost over $1800.  These Rottweilers are the best choice for the professional dog breeders for breeding or participating in competitions.

Rottweiler puppies whose parents are the competition of any dog beauty competitions and are directly immigrated from German could cost from $3000 up to $4000.

Rottweiler puppy price range. How much does a rottweiler puppy cost?

To find a top quality Rottweiler puppy, you should check information from website of big professional breeders, like these: 

Which Rottweiler dog price should be chosen?

If you are looking for a family member, or a family/farm guardian, Rottweilers offered from $300 to $600 would be your best choice. However, if you really concern on the level of bred purity or the AKC registration, you can choose puppies in $600 – $1000 price range.

If you currently consider becoming a Rottweiler dog breeder, you should focus on and choose Rottweilers with more special origins. These Rottweilers usually cost from $1000 to $1800. If you would like to own a more precious Rottweiler, you could consider buying a pure-bred Rottweiler whose parents are immigrated from Europe with the price of more than $1800.

Rottweiler puppy price range. How much does a rottweiler puppy cost?

If you are a professional Rottweiler dog breeder, of course you would not check this web. So, I do not have any comments for this case!

Determinants of Rottweiler dog price

Rottweiler dog price depends on the following factors:


This is the most significant determinant of Rottweiler prices. Rottweiler who was born in a famous and experienced breeding farm or whose parents are immigrated from Europe, or whose ancestors won dog beauty competition, will have a higher price than one who was born in normal families, or has been raised by the amateur breeders.

Pure-bred Rottweilers always have the higher price than mixed ones. You have to pay a minimum of $400 for a purebred Rottweiler while you can own a mixed Rottweiler with only from $100 to $300.

Rottweiler puppy price range. How much does a rottweiler puppy cost?


Rottweiler has been divided into 2 basic standards of sizes: standard and giant, although these standards are not officially accepted. A mature, large-size Rottweiler can weigh 60kg, while a mature, standard-size Rottweiler is only about 40kg. Since many dog foster parents prefer giant Rottweilers, a giant Rottweiler would cost around $100 higher than a standard one.


Gender does not have significant impacts on Rottweiler dog price. Normally, male Rottweiler is only around $100 more expensive than female.

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