Von Warterr Rottweilers – Rottweiler Breeder in Quinlan, Texas

Located in Texas, Von Warterr Rottweilers was founded many years ago by the original owners Warren and Terri Johnson. Johnsons purchased their first Rottweiler puppy in 1991. From that time on, they were Rottweiler breeders first and foremost for themselves and then for others who had interest in owning a Von Warterr Rottweiler.

Von Warterr Rottweilers kennel, Texas. Rottweiler puppies for sale from Von Warterr

Supplies to Prepare before Picking Up a Puppy

  • Dog Seat Cover
  • Install in seconds
  • Simple cleaning
  • Non-slip, waterproof
  • House or Crate
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Travel

Therefore in 2012, when Warren was called to pastor a new church in Texas, Warren and his dear friend, Jerry Scott, who shared the same passion as Warren for the preservation of this breed, became partners to continue both of their long-time dream of breeding the best Rottweilers possible.

In 2015, Jerry, with the commitment to the same fundamental principles and philosophies of breeding, became the sole owner and operator of the Von Warterr Rottweiler kennel while Warren still serves as an ongoing advisor.

The goal of the Von Warterr Rottweiler breeding program is to create a show quality Rottweiler who is sound in temperament, beautiful in type, healthy in genetics, correct in structure, strong in drives, intelligent in mind and proven pedigree.

When you purchase a dog from Von Warterr Rottweilers for personal protection and home security then you are purchasing peace in mind. They have “The Four C’s” that makes their dogs perfectly suited for protection and security:

  • Correct: meaning the dog is in accordance with the breed standard in type, structure, size, cosmetics, and temperament.
  • Confident: meaning the dog knows its capabilities and is sure of itself. Therefore it is not shy or nervous which would cause it to be a “fear biter”.
  • Courageous: meaning the dog has the inner constitution to perform its purpose of protecting in threatening situations. He will not tuck his tail and run but will engage an attacker and has the drive to remain engaged even through pain in order to protect.
  • Cerebral: meaning the dog has the intelligence to perceive what is a real threat and what is not. The dog is not full of out of control aggression and therefore a risk to anyone and everyone. He has a proverbial “on” and “off” switch. The dog can take down a threatening person if needed but the dog can also calmly and safely watch security over children.

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Von Warterr Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder in Quinlan, Texas

Von Warterr Rottweilers Kennel Details

Address: Quinlan, Texas

Breeds are raised: German Rottweilers

Price: $2000 – $4000 for show quality/breedable puppies, $1500 for pet quality/non-breedable puppies ($400 shipping cost)

Website: https://www.vonwarterr.net/

>> Contact Von Warterr: https://www.facebook.com/VonWarterrRottweilers/

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