Siberian Husky price range. How much does a husky puppy cost?

Siberian Husky is a well-known sled dog breed with significant influence in the world. The Husky’s charming beauty, strong body, extraordinary endurance as well as legendary trips all make them appear in many literature works. At present, average Siberian Husky price is about $700 for one puppy, and could fluctuate between $500 and $3000 depending on quality. For further information and different Siberian Husky price ranges, you could refer to information discussed below.

Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

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Siberian Husky price range

Price of Husky dogs raised as pets

Despite of their beautiful and charming appearance, Husky prices are currently not high, only around $500 to $800 for one puppy. These Huskies are limited registered and could be raised as pets only. These puppies are usually sterilized before taken to their new homes to control the propagation.

Because of sterilization, Siberian Huskies in this price range are pretty suitable for raising inside family houses as well as in populated residential area. Besides, sterilizing also decreases their fierceness and their wild instincts. This matter will be analyzed in details in “Husky Training” section below.

Huskies suitable for being pets could be found in some websites below:

Prices of purebred Huskies allowed for breeding

Prices of these Huskies has fluctuated within a wide range, could be from $800 up to $3500 depending on their origin and family records.

Huskies with normal family records, coming from small breeders, could be priced from $800 and $1300. These puppies usually have more than 95% breed purity and are suitable for semi-professional breeders.

High quality Huskies with excellent family records, 99% of breed purity and bred by famous breeders usually cost from $1300 to $3500. Huskies offered higher than this price level are directly immigrated from Russia (the home country of this breed).

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Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

You should find these high quality Huskies in official websites of breeders or in AKC’s market place:

Cost of raising a Siberian Husky

Food expenses for your Husky

Food expenses are accounted for the biggest part of total cost for raising such a big dog breed like Husky. In general, it is quite easy to raise a Husky yet it takes much money for his or her food. Since they are working dogs, Siberian Husky eat a lot. Food costs for each Husky could take about $500 per year if you buy only normal food, and around $700 per year for high-quality and high protein food.

Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

I personally prefer instant food, both grain and wet types. Such kinds of food are extremely clean and full of nutrition. Sometimes, if having spare times, you could cook for them yourself. However, it is very hard to balance nutrition requirements in every meal if you cook. Therefore, instant food is the best choice.

Other regular expenses

In addition to, it will also cost you about $300 more for every year for expense such as: regular health check, vaccination, dog walking services or dog take care services if you are away from home, dog toys, shower cream etc. Upi should consider to buy pet insurance for your Husky. Although insurance fee is quite substantial (about hundreds of dollars per year, depending on insurance types), you will never worry about costs for medical check-up and treatment when your Husky gets sick or accident.

Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

Onetime cost (In the first year)

During the first year that you raise your Husky, you need to spend an additional amount of around $500 to $700 for essential items such as cages, mattresses, toiletries, etc. These are usually purchased only once or twice during their life spans, so do not save too much money on these, rather choose high quality ones.

Characteristics of purebred Siberian Husky

Appearance characteristics

Siberian Husky has quite modest body with around 25-35kg weight, yet this breed has extremely amazing speed and extraordinary strength. Husky has variety of hair colors, some most popular colors are black-white, red – white, grey-white. Brown-red Husky prices are usually higher than prices of other color puppies since they look more stunning and more eye-catching.

Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

Husky eyes have the most mysterious beauty in the dog world. Husky have many eye colors such as black, brown, blue or even green. Especially, some have two colors eyes (one different color for one eye). Prices of Huskies with 2 color eyes are usually extremely high because of their rareness.

Personalities of Siberian Husky dogs

Husky often howls to communicate with other dogs rather than barking, and Husky often howls at night. They also like to wander and often find ways to “escape” from cramped spaces. (by digging, hiking etc).

The Husky has a very strong hunting instinct. They are often so eager in chasing cats or small dogs that they will even get lost. In addition, Husky is the dog breed with high herd mentalities, hence, Husky prefer to communicate with other Husky dogs. You should also stay close to them to create the feeling of closeness.

Siberian Husky price range. How much does a Husky puppy cost?

Huskies are classified as working dogs, they need a lot of space to exercise and to play. They often exhibit devastating behaviors if kept in the house for too long. You should at least let them out once a day to relieve excess energy.

Training your Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky has a high wild instinct, hence, it is quite difficult to train your puppy, and the training will require both persistence and experience. Therefore, this is not the dog breed for everyone. The lack of proper training can make Husky a big threat in the future.

Husky training should be done when they are young, only 2-3 months old. Due to the difficulty of training, you have to be very persistent. If you have no experience, you can send your puppy to the training center for 1-2 months. Or you could choose the simpler way- buying puppy that has basic training. The price of such a Husky is usually about $300 higher than other puppies.

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