Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

A kennel is the first item that you need to buy as you start raising a dog. Most people like to use indoor dog house to feel close with their pets. There are many types of indoor dog kennels with different sizes and designs, including metal kennels, plastic kennels, soft kennels and wooden kennels.

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Indoor dog house price is about $50, on the average. We will give detail assessments on advantages and disadvantages of each dog kennel type so that you could make the most appropriate choice for your beloved puppy.

Best indoor dog houses

Metal dog kennels

This is the most popular indoor dog cage at the present time. These cages are made of metal; most of them are stainless steel or inox. The advantages of this cage are very clean, easy to clean, and foldable. And the most importantly is that they are so breathable that they make the pets feel comfortable. Stainless steel cages are available in many sizes, and are suitable for any types of dogs from standard to giant.

However, this type of dog cage is generally not aesthetic; they look so rough appearance that they could be only used for providing dog settlement places. In addition, since this kind of cage has the top uncovered, it is only suitable for indoor using.

Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

Metal dog cage prices are very various and are popularly from $30 to $80, depending on sizes and materials. You could refer to the most favorite models of metal cages and their prices here:


Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates usually have most parts of the body made of plastic, only windows and doors are made of small metal bars so they are very light, they are also aesthetic so they could be used to take your dog for a walk. Some dog breeds love having “privacy” and feel very comfortable with plastic cages rather than stainless steel crates because their “inside activities” could be seen through stainless steel houses.

Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

Plastic crates are not only used as pet settlement places but also used in pet transport. However, most plastic crates are unfoldable so they take a lot of spaces when unused, they are also difficult to clean and may have an unpleasant smell after being used for a long time.

Plastic cages are usually relatively a little bit more expensive than metal cages with the same size. You could refer to some of the most popular models of plastic crates here:


Soft & foldable dog cages made of fabric or nylon

This type of cages could be made of fabric, nylon, mattress or other soft materials. This kind of cage looks less frightening for dogs raised inside first time. Soft cages are very light and foldable; when folded, they could fit inside back packages, and hence, they are suitable for camping and outside activities.

Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

You could guess their disadvantages easily, they are not strong and not stable, that means they could not be used for a long time, they could be scratched or torn by dogs that are playful and have itchy teeth. It is difficult to clean them if your dog pees inside. Their doors are not strong, some smart dogs like Collie, Poodle, etc could learn to open the doors in just a few times being locked inside.

Although not strong, soft cages have more expensive prices than plastic and stainless steel cages. Indoor soft cages are usually between $40 and $100 depending on sizes and materials. You could refer to some products at here:


Indoor wooden dog houses

This kind of cage is not just a settlement place for your dog, they are also highly aesthetic and also could be used as ornaments and used for some other purposes in the house, they are suitable for those who would like to be closed to their dogs regularly.

Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

However, I personally find this type of cage very inconvenient. They are much more expensive than other kind of cages, and they are very difficult to clean and easily damaged by playful dogs. They are also very heavy and unfoldable and they are almost unable to carry when we go out.

Wooden dog kennel price is usually between $80 and $250, depending on the sizes, design and type of wood. You could refer to the most beautiful wooden cages here:


What kind of dog cages should you choose?

Of course, it depends on your using purposes.

  • If you simply need a settlement place for your dog, stainless steel cages are the most suitable choice.
  • If you want to carry your dog for a walk or transport them for a long distance, plastic kennels are very suitable because they are light and look nice.
  • If you do not use dog cages a lot and just need settlement space for your dog during your camping trips, you should choose soft cages, they are very light and foldable when unused.
  • Wooden crates are only suitable for those who are love aesthetic items. Personally, I do not like this cage type because they are expensive and quickly damaged. Dogs only need to bite several times, the life span of this cage type will be over since it will no longer has appealing look.

Sizes of dog cages and dog houses

Sizes are more important than materials when choosing a dog cage; suitable sizes will keep dogs feel comfortable when locked inside. A cage is considered to have suitable size when it satisfies the following conditions: The length and height of the cage must be at least 5 cm longer than the length (from the nose to tail) and height (from feet to the top of the head) of the dog. Minimum Width= (Long + High): 2.5

Best Indoor Dog House. Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crate Reviews

In fact, according to my experience, you should choose an absolutely larger cage (2-3 times of dog size) because of the following reasons:

  • Could be split into smaller cages to raise more dogs.
  • Leave additional space for dogs to grow up later (if you raise puppies).
  • Have space for mother dog to give birth and take care of her chidren.
  • Have space for your beloved dog to his or her partner home: p

Above are some of my analyses based on experience of raising dogs. Hope that you could choose the most suitable cage for your beloved puppy!

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