3 of the Best Cruises That Allow Pets Onboard

There’s nothing more beneficial for mental health than hitting the open waters. That’s why millions of people flock to the ocean-bound dream of a cruise vacation every year. Cruise ships are one of the most enjoyable and luxurious ways to enjoy some time off from work.

However, for those of us who can’t leave our furry friends at home, many cruise lines provide an obstacle to our happiness. There just aren’t many cruises that allow pets out there.

3 of the Best Cruises That Allow Pets Onboard

If you’re looking for a cruise line that will allow you to bring your dog or cat along with you, read on. We’ll walk you through a few cruise companies you should be aware of.

1. Potomac Riverboat Canine Cruise

If you want to hit the water with your canine friend, you’re in luck: there’s a cruise line out there that exists specifically for that purpose. If you’re in Virginia, you’re in the proper place.

The Potomac Riverboat Canine Cruise is an experience built for both humans and dogs to enjoy together. In addition to the open air, you’ll be able to enjoy an hour-long seaside tour of Alexandria’s seaport when you climb aboard the vessel.

This cruise does trips semi-regularly all through the summer and into the fall. On Halloween, they even have a cruise where canines are encouraged to come in costume. Talk about a perfect time for you and your pet!

2. Queen River II

Is there a longer trip that you can take your pooch with you on? There certainly is, if you can get a ticket to come aboard the Queen River II. This ship does most of it’s traveling between Southhampton, at the edge of England, and New York City.

It’s one of the only standard vessels out there that is completely dog-friendly. There is a kennel onboard the ship with a kennel master who keeps an eye on all of the pets. Human travelers on the boat can head down to the kennel to spend time with their canine friends at any time during the trip.

There’s a reason why the Queen River II is known as one of the most magnificent vessels on the seven seas!

3 of the Best Cruises That Allow Pets Onboard - Pet Price List
Cruise ship sailing in Alaska surrounded by mountains and glaciers

3. Private Charter

While most major cruise lines won’t allow pets on board, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of private cruising companies that would be happy to oblige.

If you can afford to hire one of these vessels, you can take yourself and your pet an adventure anywhere in the world. You can see the exotic locals of the South Caribbean, for example. Or, have you considered going on an Alaska Cruise?

With a private vessel company at your command, anywhere you want to go is a true possibility. Just make sure you don’t leave your pet’s favorite toy at home!

The Best Cruises That Allow Pets

If you’re dying to bring your little furry friend with you on your next vacation, you might need to look into the cruises that allow pets on board. The above are just a few that are well worth looking into.

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