Toy & Teacup Maltese puppies price range. How much does a maltese cost?

Maltese is a small dog breed originated from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. Malteses are very outstanding and beloved widely for their long, white and gorgeous coats. Thanks to their glamorous coats, present Maltese prices are very high, usually not less than $700 for each puppy. Normal Maltese puppies that are commonly raised as family pets are usually offered from around $800 to $950. And Maltese puppies that have good family records, and are suitable for breeding are often offered from around $1000 to $16000.

Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?

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Purebred Maltese price

$650 – $1000

As mentioned above, the price of purebred Maltese with a normal family record and raised as family pets is often offered not less than $700. The most popular price range is from $800 to $950. There are also some Maltese puppies offered with a lower price (from just $400 to $600); these usually do not have a snow-white coat, rather, they have mixture of common colors such as white – black, or white – brown, or cream. 

You could find Maltese puppies under this price range here:

$1000 – $1800

Maltese offered in this price range ha s a nearly absolute level of blood purity (almost 100%) and good family records. Their parents, or their grand – parents used to participate in dog beauty shows, and they usually come from large dog breeding farms. Besides being raised as family pets, these Maltese puppies could be raised for breeding purpose.

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Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?

In some specific cases, if they have a extremely good-looking appearance, they could be trained to participate in dog beauty show due to their full AKC registration.

Above $2000

Maltese puppies coming from large European dog breeding farms often cost more than $2000. Especially, purebred Maltese puppies that originally come from their home country – Malta Island, are usually offered above $3000. However, the number of these puppies is extremely limited and rare.

Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?In order to find a Maltese puppy in this price level, you should check information from big professional breeders: 

Teacup Maltese price

There is another different, very precious and highly beloved Maltese breed called Teacup Maltese. These puppies have very small sizes; they are just under 15cm high, and weigh below 2kg. They could be entirely put in a cup of tea.The price of Teacup Maltese born in America is always quite high, often not less than $2000.

Although Teacup Maltese puppies’ prices are quite high, the number of these puppies is not much. For every 100 newly-born Maltese puppies, there are only 1 – 2 Teacup puppies. In addition, it is very hard to raise them as well. Teacup puppies have a short lifespan and are susceptible to some congenital diseases.

Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?

To take care of a Teacup Maltese puppy (and other Teacup dog breeds as well), you must be someone who have plenty of free time and who are thoughtfully careful. This is because if you just forget to feed them, or if you are so careless to make them fall down from the sofa, their health might be badly affected. Therefore, please carefully think before taking a Teacup Maltese home.

You could find a teacup Maltese, and other teacup puppies, at here –

Characteristics of purebred Maltese

Malteses are always outstanding and beloved with their long, white and gorgeous coat. Their appearance often makes people to believe that they are glamorous, noble, and extremely “cocky“ dog. However, it is absolutely on the contrary to that point, Maltese is originally a working dog breed that is extremely active, agile and friendly to everybody.

Origin of Maltese

Maltese is one of the most ancient dog breeds in Europe. They came into existence at least 2000 years ago in the island nation of Malta, Mediterranean. Maltese played an important role in developing the great civilization of mankind such as Egypt, Greece, and Roman. The Greek was believed that Malteses are the pets of the Gods and they even built great tombs for Malteses when they passed away.

Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?

Maltese had had a silently popular growth for more than one millennium in areas around the Mediterranean until the 15th century, when they had stable positions in French noble class. Then they were brought to England under the Henry King II at the 16th century, and became a favorite dog breed of the English noble class and of many Queen generations. At around the middle of 20th century, Maltese was brought to America, and then they have significantly been expanded and become favorite dog breed at dog beauty shows, sports and circuses.

At the present, Maltese comes from 2 main sources including America and Europe (primarily England and France). Maltese immigrated from Europe are judged to have a better source of genes and more attractive body; thus, Maltese immigrated from Europe are often offered at a higher price than ones immigrated from America.

Attributes of purebred Maltese

Maltese has small size, and is only 25cm high, weigh popularly from 3– 4kg. There are some super – small size Maltese (that is just 15cm high and weigh only around 1.5kg as mentioned above) called Teacup Malteses. These Teacup puppies often cost very high. However, they are more likely to suffer from many health issues such as digestive disease, genetic disease or the other diseases.

Maltese price range. Maltese cost. How much are Maltese puppies?

Maltese is a famous dog breed for their elegance, long, dense, soft and silky and white – like – snow coat. Since many centuries before, Maltese has had many other colors such as yellow, yellowish brown, cream and etc. However, these colors were gradually lost through dog breeding process to “please the requirements of noble class”. Nowadays, the most popular color of Maltese is white; besides, they also have white – black or white – brown cream colors. In fact, the coat colors are greatly influenced on Maltese prices. The longer, whiter and brighter their coats are, the higher price they are offered to you.

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