Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price. Where to find Jack Russells for sale?

The Jack Russell Terrier (or Parson Russell Terrier) is a dog breed developed in England about 200 years ago for fox hunting. They are lively, independent and intelligent little dogs. Charming and affectionate, they are adored by many people. The Jack Russell Terrier price is not very high, around $600/ puppy on average. In this article, we will provide all details on prices, reputable classifieds websites and breeders to find Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price range. Jack Russells cost?

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Jack Russell Terriers for sale price range

Based on your purpose of raising them and their quality, Jack Russell Terriers are divided into 2 groups: Russells with limited registration (pet-only) and Russells with full registration (with breeding rights).

Price of Jack Russell Terriers with limited registration

Russell Terriers with limited registration have no breeding rights and are sterilized since birth. If you are not a professional breeder, such puppies are suitable for you as they are perfect as companions. Limited registered Russell Terriers are not expensive, ranging from $400 – $900/ puppy.

Price of Jack Russell Terriers with full registration

The price of fully registered Russell Terriers can vary greatly depending on their lineage, pedigree and breeder.

  • Russell Terriers from common breeding farms are quite affordable, with the price at about $1000 – $1300/ puppy.
  • Russell Terriers from well-known breeding farms cost a lot more. Their prices are from $1300 – $6000/ puppy, and even higher for top-notch puppies.

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Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price range. Jack Russells cost?

Where to find Jack Russell puppies for sale?

Jack Russell Terriers for sale from classifieds websites

  • http://www.hoobly.com/jack-russell-terrier-puppies/ – This is a large and popular pet classified website with many Russell Terrier puppies for sale varying in colors and sizes. The price of Russells here is reasonable, around $450 – $1000/ puppy.
  • http://www.puppyfinder.com/jack-russell-terrier-puppies-for-sale/ – Like Hoobly, Puppyfinder is also a famous pet classified website where you can find a great diversity of Russells available in different colors, ages, sizes, prices,… Wherever you are, it will give you results of puppies for sale in your closest proximity.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price range. Jack Russells cost?

Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale reputable breeders

1. Short Jack Russell Terrier

For breeders here, breeding Russell Terriers and caring for those puppies are the sources of their joy and happiness. Thanks to such passion, they have achieved a lot of success and gained the trust of many customers. With years of experience in breeding Russell Terriers, this farm will surely bring you high quality puppies that excel in every way.

You can find more information and contact Short Jack Russell Terrier on their website: http://shortjackrussellterriers.org

2. Irish Jack Russell Terrier

With over 40 years of experience, it is a reputable and popular Russell Terrier farm which has bred countless beautiful and healthy Jack Russell Terriers. The staff here share a common interest in animals, especially this breed. Raising puppies brings them joy and they do that with all of their passion. If you want to find a healthy, affectionate and active Jack Russell, you can place your trust in this farm.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price range. Jack Russells cost?

You can find more information and contact them via this website: http://www.trinityfarmskennel.com/

3. Fox Fire Jacks

This is quite a well-known Russell Terrier breeding farm in the United States. Impressed by lovely Russell Terriers, they are determined to breed and raise this breed. The process of breeding and caring at Fox Fire is carefully planned so that all Jack Russells are purebred and beautiful. If you have any inquiries, the team of counselors at the farm is always willing to help.

You can visit their website to know more about their stories – http://www.foxfirejacks.com/

Characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier


Due to their active nature, the Jack Russell Terrier retains many of the same characteristics it had 200 years ago. They are sturdy, with a height of 10 – 15 inches (25 – 38 cm), and a weight of 14-18 pounds (6.5 – 8 kg). Their body length matches with the height. In terms of their coat colors, white is commonly the dominant color (over 51%) with additions of black or brown.

Their head is wide at the ears, narrow at the eyes and slightly flat between two ears. Their jaw is strong with a scissor bite and straight teeth. The eyes are almond shaped and dark, always full of life and intelligence. The ears are V-shaped and moderately thick.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale price range. Jack Russells cost?


The Jack Russell is smart, fearless, active and energetic.

High level of energy means that this breed is an ideal fit for various dog sports such as flyball. Without proper training, Jack Russells can sometimes be stubborn and aggressive towards animals and humans. They have a tremendous amount of energy compared to their size. They never seem to get tired and are always full of energy even after practicing for a long day.

Jack Russells are friendly to people. They may get aggressive towards other dogs and other animals that look like their preys, even cats. Therefore, extra care is necessary when raising Jack Russells with other small animals.

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