Hungarian Puli price range. Puli puppies cost? Where to find Puli puppies for sale?

The Hungarian Puli (also known as Pulik, Puli, Hungarian Water Dog) is a breed of herding dog, known for its distinguishing “mop” coat. Despite its “weird” look, this breed is very clever, cheerful and friendly. The Puli is quite expensive compared to other breeds due to its scarcity. Nowadays, its price is around $1200/puppy. In this article, for your reference, we will share with you necessary information about this breed, including Puli price ranges, best breeders and reliable Puli puppies for sale websites.

Hungarian Puli price range. Puli cost? Where to buy Puli puppies?

Hungarian Puli Price Range

The price of each Puli varies greatly based on the raising purpose and the quality. Pulis with limited registration (working or pet-only) are more affordable than ones with full registration (with breeding rights).

Price of Hungarian Pulis with limited registration

Hungarian Pulis with limited registration cost between $900 – $1500 and are raised for two purposes:

  • Pet Pulis are quite affordable, with price ranging from $600 to $1000.
  • Working Pulis (to guard house or livestock) are slightly more expensive, from $900 – $1200. This price difference is due to the fact that working Pulis have to meet stricter requirements in terms of health, agility, docility and training.

Price of Hungarian Pulis with full registration

Once fully registered, Pulis are allowed to breed. Their price is diverse, depending largely on their lineage, pedigree and breeders,…

  • Common pedigree Pulis, from lesser-known breeding farms cost from $1200- $1500/puppy.
  • High-end pedigree Pulis, from well-known breeding farms are higher in price, from $1400 to $2500.

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Hungarian Puli price range. Puli cost? Where to buy Puli puppies?

Where to find Hungarian Puli puppies for sale

Hungarian Pulis for sale websites

Websites selling Pulis are very diverse. These are the places you can easily find Pulis at different rates. Below are some reputable websites selling Hungarian Pulis:

  • – This site offers affordable Puli puppies (from $1000 to $1200). Despite a limited number of Pulis for sale on this site, the quality of them is enough to make up for this. This is an ideal place to find healthy puppies with detailed and clear information.
  • – Before any purchase on this site, you will be consulted and fully informed of the puppies and their sellers. Pulis here are quite affordable, mainly from $900 to $1300 while still meeting all criteria of health and appearance, …
  • – This pet shop has a very professional customer service and a wide variety of Pulis, with price ranging from $1500 to $3000. This place also offers Pulis of good lineage and imported from famous breeding camps.

Hungarian Puli price range. Puli cost? Where to buy Puli puppies?

Hungarian Puli puppies for sale from reputable breeders

The following breeders are the places to go when you want to buy high quality Puli puppies:

1. Prestige Puli

This is quite a well-known Puli breeding camp in America. With their love for Pulis, they have decided to breed and train these small and lovable puppies. The breeding and training process at Prestige is very “harsh” to ensure the birth of the “purest” and prettiest Pulis. Their staff is also very enthusiastic and always ready to answer any customer concerns.

You can find more information and contact them via their website:

2. The Puli Club of America

PCA is a big US-based Puli club, where all breeders and Puli lovers in America gather. With their special affection for Pulis, they always try to breed the most outstanding puppies without losing the breed’s very own traits. Puppies born here are well cared for and trained. For many years, PCA have won a great deal of awards at Dogshows, which honors the best Pulis.

You can find more information and contact them via their website:

Hungarian Puli price range. Puli cost? Where to buy Puli puppies?

3. Pannonia Alpacas

Their breeding program aims to incorporate the world’s best Pulis by selecting breeding stock from Hungary, the UK and Australia. The puppies bred by them have satisfied many customers, even the most demanding ones.

You can contact Rustufarion via the website:

Characteristics of the Puli


The Puli is a medium-sized herding dog, weighing from 22 to 30 pounds (10 to 15 kg) when fully grown. This breed is plump looking with strong legs just like a shepherd.

Pulis can impress anyone with their very strange coat. The coat, made up of tight curls, look exactly like a mop. The dense fur covering their whole body does not only make them look unique, but also protect them from any external impact and help them adapt to any living conditions. Their coat is commonly black or white, but some Pulis have their coat in yellow or brown,…

Hungarian Puli price range. Puli cost? Where to buy Puli puppies?


The Puli is a cheerful, energetic and clever dog. This breed is friendly and kind, and rarely gets angry or aggressive. Pulis are loyal and affectionate to people in their family. They get along well with children and other animals. However, it does not mean they are “easy” with strangers.

The Puli is also smart, easily trained and taught. They are hard working and obedient. Pulis are always full of energy and are great companions to any family.

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