Bombay cat price range. Bombay kittens cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

Bombay Cat (also known as Indian Black Cat) is a hybrid cat breed with the appearance like small black-panther. They are well-known for their cheerfulness, cleverness and affection. Bombay Cat price is currently quite low, ranging from $400 to $700 per kitten. For more details on prices, reputable breeders and Bombay Cat websites, you could read the following article.

Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

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Bombay Cat Price Range

Limited Registered Bombay Cat price

Bombay Cats with limited registration can only be raised as pets  rather than for breeding. The average price is approximately from $400 to $650

Fully registered Bombay Cat price

These are Bombay cats with breeding ability. Price is fluctuating, depending mostly on origins, pedigrees, breeders, etc.

Bombay Cats with normal pedigree , coming from less reputed breeders, are priced at around $650 – $1000

Bombay Cats with notable pedigree , coming from reputable breeders , are more expensive, from $1000 to $2000

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Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

Where to buy Bombay Cats

Some online Bombay Cat websites

  • – This is the most up-to-date website on Bombay Cats with a wide range of ages, coat colors and gender. Price will be around $550 – $770.
  • – This website provides a large amount of Bombay Cats. The information about cats and their sellers is fully presented. If you are looking for a suitable cat with a reasonable price, this website should be a considered choice

Bombay Cats’ Reputable Breeders

1. Caricature Cattery

Caricature is a breeding farm that looks after cats directly at the farm. The breeding goal of the farm is to create healthy, clever and friendly Bombay Cats. Each cat is carefully taken care of and beloved like a family’s member. This is a considerably ideal place for anyone who is looking for a good-quality Bombay Cat.

For further information, kindly contact

Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

2. Kitakiss Burmese & Bombay Cattery

Their devotion, towards Bombay Cats and cats’ breeding, is a core influence which relentlessly motivates them to evolve this “special” cat type. They are always seeking to improve Bombay Cats’ health and characteristics not only to fit the modern life nowadays but also to remain their “purest” characteristics. Here you will find Bombay Cats with purebred, healthy and well-socialized features.

For further information, kindly contact

3. Carney Bombay

Carney Bombay is a traditional Bombay Cat breeding farm   in Iowa. The aim is to promote, to grow and to remain the traditional bloodline, Bombay Cats black bloodlines. Bombay Cats here are deliberately cared for and seriously educated.

For further information, kindly contact

Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

Bombay Cats’ Characteristics


The Bombay Cat is the type of medium-sized cat with a muscular build, weighting approximately 11 – 15 pounds (5 – 7 kg)

Bombay Cats usually have brilliant gold (or copper) eyes, standing out on their coat like a twinkling penny. The Bombay is described as a “patent-leather kid with the new penny eyes

They have a rounded head, with a short muzzle – the unique characteristic of a Burmese mother Cat. However, you should not think that such muzzle is “funny”, rather, such muzzle is an impressive combination which makes Bombay charming

Bombay Cats are covered in a short, black and gleaming coat. With the beguiling shiny black coat, they are very unique.

Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

When they show off their tender body with beautiful curves, you will get that Bombay is the beauty of not only a slim appearance but also the combination of solidity and glossiness, featuring the Eastern mystery.


Bombay Cats tend to be congenial, outgoing, friendly and affectionate to people. They usually get along with children and other pets. Besides, Bombay is always energized and curious towards amusement

Bombay is a playful, clever and naturally-talented cat type. They are able to be busy all day just to play with the humans whom they live with or to entertain themselves by playing with house’s stuff. If you want, you can train the cat to do many tricks such as leash walking, roll-over, playing fetch.

Consequently, there is an idiom that “If you want a dog, a cat or a monkey all rolled into one mischievous package, then the Bombay is the breed for you

Bombay Cats are not similar to other cat types, especially in that Bombay could be easily trained. They like “adventurous” deeds and tend to experiencing new things, which is just to show their notable origins off.

Bombay cat price range. Bombay cost? Where to buy Bombay kittens?

Bombay Cats are supposed to be intellectually diplomatic, approachable and expert in building strong relationships to their owner. To children, they are nice and lovely. You will get surprised that “I have not ever seen such a perfectly polite cat”.

The Bombay is considered a good-hearted companion, very sensitive towards their owner’s feelings. They are fond of cuddling, sitting beside the owner or rolling over woolen blankets.

It is said that those single individuals are well suitable for getting along with a beloved Bombay Cat.

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