Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

Greyhound is an old dog breed that appeared in Egypt in the Middle Ages. This dog breed is considered as the world fastest dog breed. Greyhounds are often used as hound dogs, or racing dogs and are very popular in European racetracks. Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price is not too high at the present, about $900/puppy on the average. You can refer detail information on characteristic, Greyhounds for sale prices and the current most reputable Greyhound dog sites in this article.

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhound puppies cost

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Greyhound dog price range

Based on raising purpose and quality, the Greyhound is divided into two categories: Limited registered Greyhounds (raised as pets) and fully registered Greyhounds (allowed for breeding); these categories are offered at different price levels.

Prices of Greyhound dogs raised as pets

Price of a limited registered Greyhound is about $800- $1500. Greyhounds are sweet, noble, and agile and they are especially very friendly with children, hence, Greyhound will be a perfect choice for being raised as pets in your family.

Prices of Greyhound dogs with full registration and allowed for breeding

All fully registered Greyhounds will be allowed for breeding. Prices of these puppies are very diverse depending on their lineages, family records, etc.

  • Greyhounds with normal family record and coming from less well-known breeders will be priced from $1000- $2500.
  • Premium family record Greyhounds that come from famous breeders will cost between $2500 and $8000 per puppy; prices could be even higher for excellent lineages puppies.

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Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

Where to find Greyhound puppies for sale?

Online Greyhounds for sale websites

Pet websites are always selected by many people when they are looking for Greyhound puppies because these websites are convenient, easy and fast. Prices of a Greyhound are varied, ranging from $900- $1500.

Here are some reliable websites:

  • Greyhounds for sale here are diverse in terms of ages, sizes; yet most of puppies here have just been born. Greyhound dog prices here range from $350 to $800/puppy.
  • puppyfind is a dog selling website trusted by many people. They have Greyhounds of all ages and gender and prices range from $800- $1500.
  • In this place you can find larger-size Greyhound puppies than you could find at hoobly site. Prices for a puppy at pets4homes is very reasonable, from $100- $500 / puppy.

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

Greyhounds for sale from reputed breeders

Breeders listed below have had many years of experience. You can contact them if you want in order to have a premium Greyhound.

1. James and Janelle Jackson

With the slogan “Creating champions” in dog racing, James and Janelle Jackson breeders have gained the trust in Greyhounds breeding. With their great experience and high responsibility, James and Janelle Jackson will definitely make you satisfied.

Greyhound dog prices at James and Janelle Jackson are generally very high, due to the fact that their dogs are rated as top quality. You can refer more information and contact them here –

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

2. Ross Amestoy Kennel

With a large dog farm as well as with his 20 years of experience, Ross Amestoy breeder ensures to provide the best living environment for Greyhounds puppies. You can completely give your trust here if you want to own a quality Greyhound puppy.

You can refer more information and contact them here Ross Amestoy Kennel

3. Kristin Block

Kristin Block breeder has 15 years of experience in breeding and training Greyhound dogs, he also has many high experience and high quality staffs. The breeding farm has achieved a certain success and satisfied many difficult customers.

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

Premium Greyhound dog prices at Kristin Block are generally quite affordable. You can refer more information and contact them at

Appearances, characteristics of Greyhound dogs


Greyhound is a dog with a tall, lean body and big chest. The Greyhound has long legs and their height is from 25 to 26 inches. Their weight is usually between 60 and 70 pounds. This breed owns a golden ratio between height and weight, which allows them to run at speeds up to 43 mph/hour, such speed is the fastest in the dog world. Greyhounds that have this speed are very expensive, and are often raised as racing dogs.

Greyhounds have a small head with a long, pointed mouth. They also have long and pointed tail with tasks such as brakes and rudder.

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

The Greyhound’s coat can come in many colors like orange, black, white to white brown. They have soft, glossy and short fur that does not require regular bathing and pruning. However, because of that fur, Greyhound could not live in a cold environment. In the winter and dry season, you should warm them so that your Greyhound is always in good health.


The Greyhound is an elegant and friendly dog breed. Contrary to their speed on the racetrack or when they are hunting, Greyhounds can become quite relaxed and calm when raised in families. Greyhounds are also extremely intelligent, sensitive and have enormous tolerance. So they are very friendly with children and close with their host family.

Italian Greyhound & Greyhound dog price range. Greyhounds for sale cost

Italian Greyhounds have quite calm and emotional nature, they like to wind around their hosts and their family members; they are especially very gentle with children and other animals. This dog breed is also very active and cheerful, they are calm but they also enjoy the excitement.

This dog breed has ability to warn and guard the house very well, they are easy to train, and sometimes they are a bit playful and pesky so you need to have light manners when teaching them.

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