Debonaire Corgis – Corgi Breeder in Franklinville, New Jersey

Kathy Tanguay named her kennel “Debonaire” which means “courteous, gracious, having a sophisticated charm, carefree, happy, suave, and from the old French, of good lineage and disposition”. Since Kathy obtained her very first Cardigan, she has purchased what she believes to be a good lineage. She has her first two Corgis imports come from Saint Hilaire’s Park Kennel in France

Debonaire Corgis - Breeder in New Jersey. Corgi puppies for sale in Debonaire kennel

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At Debonaire, Kathy and her family are dedicated to preserving this special breed with its wonderful temperament and versatility. With those characteristics in mind, they are able to compete in various conformation venues such as the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club… Their Corgis do agility, rally and have more recently been working on herding.

Kathy does not breed on a regular basis. But when she decides to have a litter, she carefully takes the time to pick out and research something that she would like to have and will fill her “total” dog concept. If you are interested in a puppy from Debonaire and they happen to not have a litter planned or have a puppy available, Kathy has many reputable people that she can refer you.

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Debonaire Corgis Kennel Details

Address: Franklinville, New Jersey

Breeds are raised: Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Price: not public


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