Papillon dog price range. Papillon puppies for sale cost. Best Papillon breeders

Papillon is the most popular pet dog breed at the present, Papillon means “butterfly” in French. Papillon dogs have such name because their ears spread like butterfly wings. This dog breed has very “missishness” , haughty appearance and intelligent, emotional characters so Papillon puppies are appropriate to be raised as pets. Papillon dog price is not very high now. If you want further information about prices, Papillon puppies for sale from reliable breeders and websites, let’s follow this article. 

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Papillon dog price range

Papillon dogs are raised with 3 main purposes, these are pets, breeding or participating in dog shows. In the past, they were raised as circus performers but this is not popular at the present. Papillon dog prices have been fluctuated depending on raising purposes.

Prices of Papillon dogs raised as pets only

Limited registered Papillon puppies are not allowed for breeding, they were sterilized before you take them to your home.  If you are not a breeder and just would like to find a friend, the limited registered Papillon puppies seem reasonable for your need. Prices of these Papillon puppies are not very high, ranging from about $600 to $1100 each puppy.

Prices of Papillon dogs allowed for breeding or for participating in dog shows

Fully registered Papillon prices are usually greatly fluctuated and mainly depended on bloodlines, genealogy and breeder’s location.

  • Papillon puppies coming from normal breeding farms have quite “agreeable” prices ranging from about $1200 to $2000 each puppy
  • Papillon puppies coming from reputed breeding farms are priced at much higher level, from about $2000 to $4500 each puppy or more than that for really excellent puppies.

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Papillon dog price range. Papillon Puppies for Sale cost. Pappilon breeders

Where to find Papillon puppies for sale

Papillon puppies for sale websites

  • – This is big pet advertising website which many pet lovers give trust. You can find many beautiful Papillon puppies together with different coat colors and sizes. Papillon prices here are quite reasonable, range from $450 to $1200.
  • – Similarly to Hoobly, Puppyfinder is also a famous pet advertising website where you can find many Papillon puppies. These puppies are diversified in term of colors, ages, sizes, prices etc.Advantage of the advertising pet websites is that although wherever you live, these websites always display many search results about pets sold near your position.
  • – AKC Market is a very famous and reliable address which every pet lover in America know. This provides not only average Papillon puppies, but also premium Papillon puppies for people who want to find beautiful genealogy and outstanding bloodline Papillon puppy to propagate. Price of each puppy here ranges from about $1500 to $3000.

Papillon dog price range. Papillon Puppies for Sale cost. Pappilon breeders

Papillon puppies for sale from reputed Breeders

1. Braylor’s Papillon

This is a member of Papillon club in America (PCA). Braylor not only has many years experience in Papillon breeding, but also improves and gets experiences from the best breeders in America, hence, you can believe that Braylor will bring a standard high quality Papillon puppy to you.

You can refer information and contact with Braylor here:

2. Katurah’s Papillon

For breeders at Katurah, breeding and caring Papillon puppies are their pleasure and happiness. And thanks to this passion, they have achieved many successes and been trusted. With many years in Papillon breeding, Katurah breeding farm must bring a Papillion puppy to you, this puppy must have high quality in all aspects and satisfy you.

You can refer further information and contact to buy Papillon dogs of Katurah breeding farm here :

Papillon dog price range. Papillon Puppies for Sale cost. Pappilon breeders

3. Swancreek Kennel

Being a breeding Papillon address with small size but this place has bred many beautiful, healthy and known Papillon puppies. Breeders here are a family having the same love for animals, especially Papillon dog breed, hence, caring dog puppies everyday is their pleasure and they always do it by all devotion. Therefore, you can completely have belief in here if you want to buy a healthy, emotional and energetic Papillon puppy.

You can refer further information and contact them here:

Papillon dog features


This dog breed has small and quite short appearance, Papillon has the height of only about 8 – 11 inches (20 – 28 centimeters) and the weight of 9 – 12 pounds (5 – 5.5 kilograms). Papillon puppies have quite funny appearance with big head, large and short jaw nearly associating with nose. Their ears are large and resemble butterfly wings, ear coat is long and cover 2 sides of the face.

Papillon dog price range. Papillon Puppies for Sale cost. Pappilon breeders

Papillon has very beautiful long ruffled hair, there are many hair colors such as red, black or tricolor on white background, chestnut or dark yellow or milk white etc. Hair of this dog breed need to care quite carefully, you should regularly give his or her hair washes to keep it smooth and comb it everyday so that it is not wild.


This Papillon dog breed is very lovable because he or she has sensitive, ebullient, energetic and glib characters. Papillon dogs are also intelligent and friendly, they are very interested in playing activities but they keep themselves patient, gentle and calm.To satisfy their playing hobbies, you should regularly let them stroll and play games so that they become more sensitive and energetic.

Papillon dog price range. Papillon Puppies for Sale cost. Pappilon breeders

They are very emotional with all members in family, children and other pet breeds, but they are quite watchful with strangers. Their guarding instinct is very high, hence, they usually bark very much and this makes noises, therefore, they are not appropriate with city departments.

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