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Best Chihuahua Dad Shirts. Funny Chihuahua Dad t-shirts and hoodies

The chihuahuas which are named after Chihuahua, a state in Mexico are the smallest breeds of dogs known and are of three types according to head structure. There’s the apple head, the deer head and tea cup type. They are very cute, delicate and easily lovable because of their size. They love receiving treats and […]

Best Pug Dad Shirts. Funny Pug Dad T-Shirts for Men and Boys

The pug, also known as chinese pug or dutch mastiff. They’re gentle and nice companion dogs and have a personality that is quite remarkable. They crave affection as much as attention from their owners. They are attentive, sociable and clever. Though in small size, they’ve got other great qualities. They’re also very alert which makes […]

Best Corgi Dad Shirts. Funny Corgi Dad T-Shirts for Men and Boys

T-Shirts, Hoodies and many other wears out there have got details or qualities that attracts a buyer to it, even if it’s just the desire to have a new wear, and that’s it. But with the best corgi dad t-shirts and hoodies, we’ve done more than just presentation of wears. These products are a careful […]

Best Pug Shirts (for Human). Funny Pug T-Shirts for Men, Women, Kids

Pugs are said to be small dogs with big personalities. They’re the type of pets that like being so close to their owners and grow to become fond of them. They get along with other people, especially kids and with other pets around them. In general, they’re quiet, playful, attentive and sociable. Pugs are the […]

Best Husky Dad Shirts. Funny Husky Dad T-Shirts for Men and Boys

The designs in the husky dad t-shirts and hoodies each have an image of the husky represented in different manners as they’re very well recognised and common with humans as pets and as such part of our daily lives. Huskies are sled dogs used either for dog-sled racing, a type of sport in which dogs […]

Best English Bulldog Christmas T-Shirts, Hoodies for Kids, Men, Women

Bulldogs are gentle and calm especially with their owners. They’re not the ones that get hostile except when instigated. They are great pets and easily get along with people. They adapt well to their environment, they can’t swim but enjoy walking through very shallow water. Their feeding should be controlled because they easily get overweight, […]

French Bulldog Christmas Shirts. Frenchie Christmas T-Shirts, Hoodies

The French bulldog, also known as Frenchie is a popular breed commonly raised as pets. They’ve also been called frog dog(because they sit like a frog, with their back legs spread out.) and described as the clowns of the dog world. They are great companion dogs, sociable with other breeds and pets and have the […]

Best English Bulldog Shirts. Funny English Bulldog T-Shirts and Hoodies

Bulldog which is also known as the British bulldog or the English bulldog are cool, loving animals which are raised as pets. They have loose skin on the head, a wrinkled brow, pushed-in nose, small ears and strong short legs. They are known to be loyal, outgoing, courageous, friendly, calm and ready to accept instructions […]

Best Pitbull Shirts for Human. Funny Pitbull T-Shirts and Hoodies

Pitbull dogs are amazing animals with commendable qualities, of which being a clown is one. It’s this trait that has been introduced into the funny pitbull t-shirts and hoodies. It’s been so made to bring fun into each day you use any of these. Some other traits of the pitbull are strength, determination, loyalty, obedient […]

Best Pitbull Dad Shirts. Funny Pitbull Dad T-Shirts and Hoodies

Pitbull is a term developed from a type of sport called bull baiting. This involved tying up a bull to an iron stake, giving it a space radius of 30feet to move. Pepper would then be blown into its nose to enrage it and dogs will be released on it to stop it from moving. […]