Best English Bulldog Shirts. Funny English Bulldog T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Bulldog which is also known as the British bulldog or the English bulldog are cool, loving animals which are raised as pets. They have loose skin on the head, a wrinkled brow, pushed-in nose, small ears and strong short legs. They are known to be loyal, outgoing, courageous, friendly, calm and ready to accept instructions or directions.

The funny English bulldog t-shirts and hoodies are made up of exciting designs that appeal to the inner senses, bringing out desired effects on personality and style. All these have been put together to meet your expectations. Made from cotton fabric and cotton/polyester, it’s sure to give a safe soft touch to your skin.

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4 Best Funny English Bulldog T-Shirts, Hoodies.

1. 5 Rules for English Bulldog Owners Unisex T-Shirt

This is a cool design with funny illustrations. Printed on the front of the 5 Rules for English bulldog Owners t-shirt men women T-Shirt is a tan and white bulldog with the heading: “5 RULES FOR ENGLISH BULLDOG OWNERS” in white and red colours. The rules are listed on the image: “it is my walk” ; “no, I’ll not go out in the rain” ; “I get up when I want” ; “if it’s in my mouth, it’s mine” ; “I am dog, hear me bark”. This looks more like our animal friend giving instructions on how it wants to live its life and not by its owner’s instructions. It’s no surprise because the English bulldog are sometimes known to be willful. But in all, they are a lovely to have or be with.

The 5 Rules For English Bulldog Owners T Sh T-Shirt is an ideal casual wear for the proud owners of bulldogs, be it English, American or French. The t-shirts are in many colours and few male and female styles.

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2. Bulldog Training English Bulldog Dog Tricks Unisex T-Shirt

Bulldogs are a happy, relaxed breed and as such, can be adopted as a nice pet. But training must start from when they’re two weeks to be able to get good results. They are sometimes stubborn and so it requires patience. On the front of the Bulldog Training English Bulldog Dog Tricks T-Shirt are five images illustrating the different stages of training. Above is a heading: “BULLDOG TRAINING”. Below this are the first three images of the bulldog which reads: ‘Sit’ ‘Come’ ‘Fetch’. Below these are the other two: ‘DOWN’ ‘WTF’. There’s a space with the instruction ‘STAY’ but no image present. Guess the pet in training had long fallen out, right from the fifth image. The bulldogs and some other dogs are like that.

This English bulldog t-shirt has a one-colour design which is white but it’s beautiful. There are different colours available so you can pick the one that appeals most to you. It comes in male and female styles and in sizes.

You can purchase it here: 

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3. Dabbing English Bulldog Halloween Dab Dance T-Shirt

Printed on the front of the Dabbing English Bulldog Halloween Dab Dance T-Shirt is an image showing a halloween scene where there are jack-o’-lanterns, flying black bats, a black weird dry tree and a bulldog in a black witch’s hat doing the dab dance; all on a yellow circular background. The tree, hat, bats and carved pumpkins are symbols of the halloween is usually celebrated with prayers, vigils, dancing, parties in different costumes. The dab dance also known as dabbing is a type of dance move in which the person moves both hands upward to one side of the body, parallel with the head. The move looks like an act of sneezing into the inside of their elbow.

This English bulldog t-shirt is a great gift idea for friends, family and colleagues. It’s available in different styles, both female and male; and in great colours to brighten up your senses.

You can get yours here: 

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4. Anatomy Of An English Bulldog Unisex T-Shirt

This is cute and funny! The Anatomy Of A English Bulldog T-Shirt design has an image of a white and tan bulldog, lying flat on its tummy with arrows pointing to different parts of its body and a heading which reads: “Anatomy of an English Bulldog”. All words and pointers are in white. The pointer to the nose reads: ‘food detector’ ; the one to the cheek reads ‘scratch here’ ; the one to the paw reads ‘footprints’ ; to the ears reads ‘eavesdropper’ ; to the tummy is ‘rub here’ ; the one to the tail reads ‘wagging tail’ and to the anus reads ‘farts area’. Bulldogs are medium-sized muscular breed of dogs which have a wrinkled face, short legs, hefty body, short muzzle, folds of skin around the nose called nose roll, sagging lips and few other characteristics peculiar to their breed.

This t-shirt is an ideal wear for any occasion or celebration. It comes in numerous colours, in different styles and sizes for both males and females.

Please, purchase here: 

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The designs of the English bulldog t-shirt and hoodies are brilliant and exceptional. Want to slay in style, go for any or all of the designs. Looking good has never been so easy. Shopping for one means shopping for satisfaction.

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