French Bulldog Christmas Shirts. Frenchie Christmas T-Shirts, Hoodies

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The French bulldog, also known as Frenchie is a popular breed commonly raised as pets. They’ve also been called frog dog(because they sit like a frog, with their back legs spread out.) and described as the clowns of the dog world. They are great companion dogs, sociable with other breeds and pets and have the following qualities: patient, playful, lively easygoing, alert, bright and affectionate with their owners.They have the tendency to be stubborn but are easy to train.

The images of these lovely pets have been included in the designs of this collection so that dog or bulldog fans out there will have something to be proud of as regards their pets. The t-shirts have been made from premium materials to give an end product that will supersede your expectations.

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4 Best French Bulldog Christmas T-Shirts, Hoodies.

1. French Bulldog Christmas Unisex T-Shirt

This is so charming. The French Bulldog Christmas Gift Santa Hat Xmas Lights Dog T-Shirt design is one with an image of three bulldogs on a large mass of ice, all dressed up in christmas colours and in christmas themed objects. The first has a red and white santa hay on its head, a red shawl around its body and a red and white lined dark lens spectacles. The second has a red bow tie around its neck and red reindeer horns lined with yellow light bulbs. The third has a string of coloured bulbs, also known as Xmas light around its body with Santa’s hat on its head. In front of the dogs are wrapped christmas gifts. The background is dark with falling snow flakes.

This French Bulldog Xmas Lights Santa Hat T-Shirt has got the perfect design and is available in different christmas colours and in many others. Do pick from the list of male and female styles for a charming personality.

You can buy it here: 

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2. Funny French Bulldog Christmas Tree Unisex T-Shirt

Here’s a cool christmas tree formation. The French Bulldog Christmas Tree Dog Santa Xmas Gifts Boys Kids T-Shirt has an image of several bulldog puppies, in white, tan and black colours, some on red and white Santa’s cap while some have red and green shawl around their necks and another with a white dog bone; arranged systematically to form the shape of a colourful christmas tree. Below on either sides are red Santa gifts bag containing wrapped gifts, candy sticks. At the tip of the arrangement is a golden star which signifies the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men to the place where baby Jesus had been born.

This French bulldog christmas t-shirt is cool and beautiful, just right for kids and for adults too, a nice one for the whole family. It’s made from cotton fabric and has a soft and smooth feel on the skin. It’s been made in many colours which are to appeal to their senses and tastes. There are different sizes available for males and for females in lovely styles. What a perfect xmas gift for your little or young ones who love or own a bulldog puppy, especially a frenchie. Your kids will sure look amazing in this design.

You can buy it here now: 

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3. French Bulldog Christmas Lights Santa Hat-Recovered Unisex T-Shirt

What a cute design we have here on the French Bulldog Christmas Shirt Santa Hat Xmas Lights Boys T-Shirt which has a loveable image of a black and white french bulldog dotted on an ice-covered ground, having on its head a red and white Santa’s hat and xmas lights around its cuddly body. Behind it is a cool background with falling snow, wrapped gifts little golden bells and baubles of green and red colour.

This french bulldog christmas t-shirt is nice for any occasion and will make a very good gift for friends and family. It’s been made in different colours, styles and sizes for men, women and kids to give a complete fit.

You can buy it here: 

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4. French Bulldog Christmas Santa Claus Woofmas Unisex T-Shirt

This is so hilarious! The French Bulldog Christmas Santa Claus Woofmas Dog T-Shirt has the picture of Santa Claus in his full attire and a spectacle on, riding on a french bulldog instead of his regular sleigh, with his red bag full of lovely gifts. It’s believed that on christmas eve night or on the early hours of Christmas morning, Santa goes riding on his sleigh pulled by his flying reindeer to give gifts which includes candies and toys of all sorts to the nicely behaved kids all over the world. The imaginary character of Santa Claus all started from the practice of a bishop named Saint Nicholas who lived in the fourth century. He was known to give gifts in his time.

This woofmas t-shirt has a design reminding us of some of the events that happen during christmas. It is available in many pleasant colours and in styles suitable for your comfort.

You can buy it here: 

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Christmas season is that time of the year when joy and happiness is spread around through the giving of beautiful presents. These selections are just the perfect xmas gift. Why not start shopping for Christmas? Buy now and come for more.

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