Best Chihuahua Dad Shirts. Funny Chihuahua Dad t-shirts and hoodies

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The chihuahuas which are named after Chihuahua, a state in Mexico are the smallest breeds of dogs known and are of three types according to head structure. There’s the apple head, the deer head and tea cup type. They are very cute, delicate and easily lovable because of their size. They love receiving treats and praises which makes training them in such ways easily achieved. They are fiercely loyal, extremely intelligent, energetic, charming, compact, loyal and confident.

The best chihuahua dad t-shirts and hoodies are in a way, a collection of the personality of these cuddly pets. With these in mind, these designs are intelligent and brilliant, which will help you keep a closer bond with your pets.

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4 Best Chihuahua Dad T-Shirts and Hoodies

1. Coolest Chihuahua Dad Unisex T-Shirt

The front of Coolest Chihuahua Dog Dad T-Shirt Father’s Day Dog Lover T-Shirt has the image of a facial side view of a cute chihuahua dog and the words “COOLEST CHIHUAHUA DAD”. All dog owners should get one of this t-shirt. It’s of quality, made from premium material and lasts longer than any other one out there. For the love of chihuahuas, there are other apparels in this nice design. Dog lovers or Cynophilists are those who love dogs. There’s actually a movie titled ‘The Dog Lover’ which tells the story of an animal rights activist who went undercover in order to investigate suspected animal abuse. It’s interesting, you should watch it.

If you are the type that loves cool and simple, this is the right design for you. This chihuahua dog dad t-shirt is soft and comfortable on the skin. It’s in black colour but can be available in other great colours. What a nice wear and gift for Father’s Day or any other day. There are male and female styles, made to give a perfect fit.

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2. Proud Chihuahua Dad T Shirt

This is one cute design of a chihuahua t-shirt. The Proud Chihuahua Dad My Baby Is My Everything For Father’s Day T Shirts has an artistic image of a chihuahua dog with a shawl around its body and the words “PROUD CHIHUAHUA DAD MY BABY IS MY EVERYTHING”. These are all printed on the front. This is for those whose lives revolve around their awesome pets and can be worn on Father’s day, Valentine’s day and on any other day and at anytime. Father’s day 5is a time of the year set aside to celebrate the role of fathers in the society. It takes place at different times in the different parts of the world but most countries celebrate it on the third Sunday in the month of June. This t-shirt is unisex and as such, can be used by both male and females. It’s available in few different colours and in various sizes for a distinguished appearance.

This round neck unisex chihuahua t-shirt is made of pure cotton, light in weight, soft in texture and comes in classic fit. The actual body measurements are available on the size chart.

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3. Chihuahua I Love Dad Tattoo T-Shirt

This is such a lovely t-shirt for amazing chihuahua dad’s. On the front of Chihuahua I Love Dad Tattoo T-Shirt is a peculiar image of a chihuahua sitted, looking sideways and displaying the tattoo showing “I LOVE DAD” where “love” has been replaced with a heart. A tattoo, simply put, is a decoration made on the skin with the use of needle and ink which could be temporary or permanent. Tattoos, just like tags and microchips are the three means of identification for dogs. Tags are usually attached to the dog’s collar and it should contain simple updated about it and it’s owner in the case of a stray. Just like humans, dogs can also get tattoos but should be done by an animal tattoo specialist at the veterinary hospital. Because it’s a process that takes time and for the noise involved which your pet might not be able to endure, it’s best done with anaesthesia given prior the process.

This chihuahua dad t-shirt is made in styles suitable for all body types and in colours great for all skin colour. Whether a male or female, bring out that great look for a dashing appearance.

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4. Funny Chihuahua Dad and Beer Unisex T-Shirt

This is a unique and special design. Printed on the front of Funny Chihuahua Dad Father’s Day Dog Lover Beer Gift T-Shirt are the words “I JUST WANT TO DRINK BEER AND HANG WITH MY CHIHUAHUA” arranged vertically with an image of a chihuahua on one side of the words. This will serve as a nice gift for a special person and as a nice casual wear for any special occasion. Which other special way to hang out if not with our lovely pets and in this customised quality wear.

The beer drinking team t-shirt is available in gracious styles for women and cool styles for men. If you love colours, we’ve got in varieties for you to choose from. Do refer to our size chart for the right measurements.

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The choice of styles in clothing is something that requires some effort which has been simplified in best chihuahua dad t-shirt and hoodies. Making a choice is what can easily be done in three simple steps- style, size and colour. So, enjoy your preferences.

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