Best Pug Shirts (for Human). Funny Pug T-Shirts for Men, Women, Kids

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Pugs are said to be small dogs with big personalities. They’re the type of pets that like being so close to their owners and grow to become fond of them. They get along with other people, especially kids and with other pets around them. In general, they’re quiet, playful, attentive and sociable.

Pugs are the sturdiest dogs of the toy group. They can be highly affectionate and so, are great companion dogs. These shirts have been made with the images of pugs to constantly remind us how close they are to our hearts. So, enjoy the aura that comes with these lovely wears and the beauty embedded in each detail.

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4 Best Funny Pug Shirts for Human

1. Funny Pug Ghost Halloween T-Shirt

This is a cool design with a touch of brilliance. The Funny Pug Ghost Halloween T-Shirt has the image of a pug sticking out its tongue to express the word “BOO” and partially covered in a white cloth. The word “Boo” in this case is usually said suddenly in order to give a suprise or a scare, more like playing a prank on someone. One of the ways halloween is celebrated each year is playing of tricks on unsuspecting people or maybe it is sometimes expected when the answer to “treat or trick” is “trick”. This creates some kind of fun as part of the celebration.

This halloween pug t-shirt isn’t just for halloween but certainly goes well on Christmas day, valentine’s day and other days. It has been made into styles for both male and female. The colours available are fancy and will look great on anyone.

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2. Let That Shit Go Pug Yoga Vintage Unisex T-Shirt

On the front of Let that shit go pug yoga Vintage T-Shirt is an amazing design. It has the picture of a pug sitted with legs crossed, arms folded and eyes closed. Behind it is a coloured circular background and the words “LET THAT SHIT GO”. This posture brings to mind the word ‘yoga’ which is a form of exercise practised to promote a control of the mind and body. There are many yoga practices and the overall benefits associated with it. It helps: improves your balance, increase blood flow, tone the muscles, improves flexibility, protects your spine, perfect your posture and many more.

The Let That Shit Go Pug Yoga Vintage T-Shirt is durable and made from pure cotton material. This is great for pug lovers and for those who have made yoga a part of their lifestyle. Produced in many colours and unique styles for male and female, it’s one-stop shop to satisfaction.

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Let That Shit Go Pug Yoga Vintage Men's T-Shirt

3. Happy Pug Chasing Bone Unisex T-Shirt

A happy pug is a playful pug as depicted on the front of Happy Pug and dog bone T-Shirt. The back of this shirt is plain whereas the front has the picture of a pug playing, trying to get a dog bone hanging from a red string. Bones help satisfy a dog’s appetite and are a good source of nutrients for their proper growth. Chewing to dogs, helps stimulate saliva enzymes which works to prevent gum disease and plaque on their teeth. This also keeps them busy and as such, prevents them from licking or scratching their paws. To avoid certain accidents while chewing, your dogs should be properly monitored. This is to prevent the dog from swallowing some bits of bone that could pose as a threat. Only raw meat bones should be given which should be properly disposed after three days.

This pug t-shirt is cool and comfortable casual wear which looks good at any time of the day. It’s been made in colours to suit male and female tastes. Do make your preferences from the options of styles made available.

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4. I Didn’t Fart My Butt Blew You A Kiss Pug Unisex T-Shirt

Now, this is really hilarious! And so is the design on I Didn’t Fart My Butt Blew You A Kiss, Funny Pug Dog T-Shirt. Here’s a picture of a pug, all stretched out, practicing some exercises and in the process, released digestive gases with a force. Above and below the image are the words- “I DIDN’T FART MY BUTT BLEW YOU A KISS”. A Gary also known as flatulence is a process of emitting digestive gas from the anus. Farting is regarded as a normal habit which is healthy when done regularly. A build up of gas are present in the digestive system and in other parts of the body. It is important for the body to expel them to avoid certain health issues.

Because life is so busy, we’re sometimes engulfed in its hustles and bustles forgetting there’s room for fun. This funny pug dog t-shirt has been designed to bring to mind the funny side of life, the things we can laugh about.

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The Funny Pug Shirts collection are exceptionally perfect and the colours pleasurable. With these as your wears, you’ll sure look interesting anytime.

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