Best Pug Dad Shirts. Funny Pug Dad T-Shirts for Men and Boys

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The pug, also known as chinese pug or dutch mastiff. They’re gentle and nice companion dogs and have a personality that is quite remarkable. They crave affection as much as attention from their owners. They are attentive, sociable and clever. Though in small size, they’ve got other great qualities. They’re also very alert which makes them excellent watchdogs. They can be calm at times and at other times, playful or mischievous.

Pugs are generally great pets which have worked their ways into the hearts of many and will continue to be so for all times. With this on mind, we introduce to you the best pug dad t-shirts and hoodies, each with different images of pugs and lovely meaningful messages to go along with them. Going for clever, affectionate and affordable designs, go for these.

Best Gifts for Pug Lovers

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4 Best Pug Dad T-Shirts and Hoodies

1. Retro Vintage Best Pug Dad Ever T-Shirt

Here’s the image of a pug receiving a fist bump from a human hand on the front of Retro Vintage Best Pug Dad Ever T-Shirt. The words “BEST PUG DAD EVER” are positioned above and below the image with fine combination of colours to give an exceptional design. A fist bump is an action made when two or more people bump eachother’s knuckles using their fist. It’s a sign used in greetings, show of respect or in giving of approval. This action is regarded as a friendly gesture without any deep meaning.

The best pug dad ever retro vintage t-shirt is cool and cosy, suitable for all skin types as it’s made from quality fabrics. It’s available in the best of colours that’s sure to give you a bright appearance. Do find the right size from the measurements on the size chart.

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2. Cute Pug Dad Unisex T-Shirt

As simple as this design is, it is also significant. On the front of Pug Dad Funny Love Dog Pet Gift T-Shirt is a digitally printed drawing of a pug on a top and the words “Pug Dad” in black positioned above the image with black paw prints on either side of the words. Amongst the most gentle and passive of all dog breeds are the pugs. They are playful and patient especially with children and as such are an ideal family dog or fit into the description of a good pet because they’re protective of the family they belong to.

The thought of getting or receiving the best gift for the father’s day celebration could cause some little tension. But this is a one-off idea of a perfect gift, a simple but significant solution to the seeming challenge of a perfect fit.

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3. I Love Dad Tattoo Pug Classic T-Shirt

What a cool picture of the back view of a pug on blue top and a tattooed ‘shoulder’ with the words “I love DAD” on the front of I Love Dad Tattoo Pug Classic T-Shirt whereas the back is plain. A small black heart is used to replace the word “love” with a tattooed sign below it. Getting a tattoo is a common practice in these modern times. The decision of which tattoo to get all depends on such person’s motivation or on the passion drive within. Tattoos, which can either be temporary or permanent can be received anywhere, on any part of the body.

This is a great gift idea for father’s day or valentine’s day, whichever one you wish to celebrate. It could also be used on other special days and any day at all. This classic t-shirt is a unisex wear and comes in different sizes. A size chart has been provided to check actual body measurements. For colour preferences, we’ve got a list of options to choose from. The colours available are so cool you might take a while in picking one. So, here’s a suggestion: pick this t-shirt in different colours, give some to friends and spread the love.

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Best Pug Dad Shirts. Funny Pug Dad T-Shirts for Men and Boys

4. The PugFather T-Shirt

This is a regular fit classic t-shirt made from pure cotton fabric. The PugFather T-Shirt has its back plain and the front printed with the image of a pug having two small dog bones on the left paw; all dressed up in a white shirt, black suit with a red rose on the breast pocket and a bow tie around its neck. There’s the phrase- “The pugfather” below it. This is one great t-shirt for pug dads and also for dog lovers. You should get this regardless of which is your pet.

Pugs are dogs with great enthusiasm and will enjoy being with themwhich gives them an edge over other small dogs. This t-shirt is unisex and it comes in three colours and in eight different sizes.

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The Best Pug Dad T-Shirts and Hoodies are a combination of classic designs and cool colours put together to meet the standard requirements in an ideal wear. Going with these choices will be a great idea to last for all times.

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