Chow Chow temperament & characteristics. Chow Chow dog breed information

Chow Chow Characteristics

The Chow Chow looks like a small bear from Tibet and Manchuria. The body is round and the head is large. The height is from 14 – 18 inches (40 to 50 cm), which is the same with the length from shoulder to hip (a square body), and the weight is from 50 – 75 pounds (25 – 35kg). The Chow Chow has very well developed muscles, especially muscles at their shoulders, chest, neck and thighs. Their front is large while the behind of their body is slimmer. With their heavy physique, they have a stiff and unnatural gait.

Chow Chow temperament & characteristics. Chow Chow breed information

The Chow Chow has a large skull, a very big head, a flat forehead and a large nose. Their deep eyes and thick eyelids make their eyes look small. The mouth is wide and square. The teeth are  sharp and the jaws are strong, with strong bites listed among top 10 in the world. Their tongue is blue or black. Chow Chows have a unique thick, long and rough coat.

The very thick fur on their face, chest and neck forms a lion-like mane (that is why they are called Lion Dogs). Chow Chows can come in many colors: white, cream, yellow, orange, brown, sepia, black, chocolate or black.

Chow Chow temperament

Despite their cute look, Chow Chows are considered fierce dogs. They are normally docile, but can become aggressive very quickly if they or their owners are attacked. Their aggressive temperament along with their killer jaws can cause massive and dangerous injuries to victims. Like most breeds in northern China, Chow Chows are absolutely loyal and are only loyal to one owner. If Chow Chows are handed over to many owners, they are often stubborn, aggressive and difficult to teach.

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Chow Chow temperament & characteristics. Chow Chow dog breed information

Modern Chow Chows, especially ones imported from Western countries, tend to be nicer and friendlier than from China. As raising aggressive dogs is not encouraged in developed countries, for the past few decades, Chow Chows have been bred to become more gentle, suitable for densely populated areas. Chow Chow puppies raised and trained strictly but gently will become a friendly, affectionate and trustworthy friendly in any families.

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