Bowens Chow Pals – Breeder in Georgia. Chow puppies for sale in Bowens Chow Pals

About Bowens Chow Pals kennel

Bowens Chow Pals was started by Alisha Bowen, a mother of 5 beloved children. Alisha is the proud holder of a valid Pet Dealers License as well as a county license. Her kennel is inspected annually by the American Kennel Club. Blueberry was her first Chow, and then she acquired Roush. Alisha decided to keep a puppy from a litter and then added puppies from other breeders.

Bowens Chow Pals kennel, Georgia. Chow puppies for sale in the breeder

The goal of Alisha is to raise beautiful puppies with good temperaments, no eye, skin or hip problems and as great companions to place with other families who love Chow Chow breed as much as she does. At Bowens Chow Pals, the dogs are in a huge fenced backyard. Alisha only breeds her females if they are in perfect health to ensure that both mother and puppies do well.

All the puppies will be micro-chipped and come with AKC registration paperwork, a copy of parent pedigree, a health guarantee, and first shots.

Forestway Chows – Breeder in Michigan. Chow puppies for sale in Forestway

About Forestway Chows Kennel

Kim Tansek is from Michigan and breeds only AKC Chow Chows. She has produced AKC Chows shown in the US and Canada for 30 years. Her first Chow was purchased in 1985. Since then, she has bred and owned several US and International Champions.

Forestway Chows - Breeder in Michigan. Chow puppies for sale in Forestway

Preferring to do only limited breeding for selected homes, all her Chows are selectively bred to produce beautiful, sound, healthy dogs with a good temperament.

D&M Farm Kennel – Chow breeder in Ohio. Chow puppies for sale in D&M Farm

About D&M Farm Chow Chow Kennel

Darrell and Maleah Allen purchased their own mini-farm in 1998 with the intention of raising the classic Chinese Chow Chows. They have been breeding for the past 16 years. D&M Farm Kennel is dedicated to breeding the finest quality, sweet-temperament rough-coated traditional classic Chinese Chow Chows at a very reasonable price.

D&M Farm Kennel - Chow breeder in Ohio. Chow puppies for sale in D&M Farm

Darrell and Maleah specially breed for the AKC standard conformation Chow with a broad, medium length nose, soft clear eyes, strong legs, and they especially breed for temperament. All of the adult dogs of D&H Farm Kennel are very socialized. They make great companions and excellent watchdogs.

Chow Chow temperament & characteristics. Chow Chow dog breed information

Chow Chow Characteristics

The Chow Chow looks like a small bear from Tibet and Manchuria. The body is round and the head is large. The height is from 14 – 18 inches (40 to 50 cm), which is the same with the length from shoulder to hip (a square body), and the weight is from 50 – 75 pounds (25 – 35kg). The Chow Chow has very well developed muscles, especially muscles at their shoulders, chest, neck and thighs. Their front is large while the behind of their body is slimmer. With their heavy physique, they have a stiff and unnatural gait.

Chow Chow temperament & characteristics. Chow Chow breed information

The Chow Chow has a large skull, a very big head, a flat forehead and a large nose. Their deep eyes and thick eyelids make their eyes look small. The mouth is wide and square. The teeth are  sharp and the jaws are strong, with strong bites listed among top 10 in the world. Their tongue is blue or black. Chow Chows have a unique thick, long and rough coat.

RHR Chow Chows – Breeder in Missouri. Chow puppies for sale in RHR kennel

About RHR Chow Chows kennel

RHR Chow Chows is an inspected kennel by the State of Missouri and United All Breed Registry. Kathleen Twedt and her husband have been raising coat Chow Chows for 17 years. They have focused solely on breeding a quality Chow with the ideal temperament for a price that the average pet owner can afford. Their puppies are very healthy athletic dogs and keep up with most any active lifestyle but can also be a lazy porch companion as long as they receive proper mental stimulation.

RHR Chow Chows - Breeder in Missouri. Chow puppies for sale in RHR kennel

All of their puppies are registered with United All Breed Registry and will come with a 4 generation pedigree. They will be up to date on vacations, micro-chipped, pre-spoiled and socialized to other dogs, cats, children…

Origin & history of Chow Chow – Dog of the Tang Empire (China)

Originating in China, the Chow Chow is a dog breed with a long history of at least 3,500 years. They flourished during the Tang Dynasty, leading to the name Tang Quan (“Dog of the Tang Empire”). Chow chows are highly popular around the world, especially in America and European countries. The article below will provide some details on the history and origin of Chow Chows dog. 

Origin & history of Chow Chow - Lion Dog of Tang Empire (China)

Chow Chow origin & history

The Chow Chow first appeared and enjoyed its popularity during the Han Dysnasty. According to ancient scripts engraved on pottery and paintings of that time, an emperor of the Han owned up to 2,500 pairs of Chow Chows for hunting purpose.

Cross B Chows – Breeder in Kansas. Chow Chow puppies for sale in Cross B

About Cross B Chows kennel

Janet Burke became interested in the Chow Chow Breed when a neighbor invited her over to their house to see a litter of Chow puppies. Since then, she was the owner of two puppies: a little black boy with a crooked tail adopted from her neighbor and a lavender female purchased from an advertisement in the newspaper. However, she recognized that both of these Chows were neither what she wanted nor suitable for breeding.

Cross B Chows - Breeder in Kansas. Chow puppies for sale in Cross B

After spending a lot of time researching about the breed and the breeders, Janet met and purchased her future champion, Bullet, in a dog show when he was 10 weeks old. He finished his championship when he was only 7 months and 1 day old.

Chow Chow dog for sale price range. How much does a Chow Chow cost?

Currently the Chow Chow dogs (or Chao Chao) with their chubby and round bodies have been beloved by many teenagers. Because of the limited number of puppies and dog breeding farms, Chow Chow dog price is often quite high. In this article, we would like to introduce about the various Chow Chow price ranges together with their corresponding attributes and characteristics so that you could select the most suitable Chow Chow puppy for yourself.

Chow Chow dog price range. How much does a Chow Chow cost?

Chow Chow dog price range

Chow Chow dog prices are quite high compared to prices of other breeds. A purebred Chow Chow puppy seldom costs less than $600. In below sections, we will provide detail information on Chow Chow price ranges.

$600 – $900

Within this price, you could find a Chow Chow puppy born in a normal family or in a new established dog breeding farm. These puppies have basic gene quality and may be not well purebred, yet they still obtain almost all characteristics of a purebred Chow Chow.

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