Top Guide How to Use Professional Dog Hair Grooming Clippers

If you do not have a hairy dog, you just might not know what it feels like to put in a lot of effort into grooming a dog. However, if you have a dog with a lot of furs, you probably know how much effort you need to put into grooming your dog.

Do you have a hairy dog and put in a lot of money into getting it professionally groomed or you belong to the class of people that simply leave its fur untouched? Regardless of the group you fall into, it is possible to trim your dog’s fur without spending so much money.

Top Guide How to Use Professional Dog Hair Grooming Clippers

When you groom your pet by yourself, you get to save some money. That, however, is not all. Your dog will also feel a lot comfortable when this process is on. While this is easy to say, it takes a bit of effort to pull off. Although learning to use a clipper the right way is not exactly easy. It, however, is very possible.

Are you looking to groom your dog with the use of clippers, the tips in this article can help you do so.

Wash and Brush Your Dog’s Fur

The first thing you need to do when looking to make use of grooming clippers is to bathe your dog. Once you are done bathing it, go ahead and brush its fur. Doing this will help you loosen clumps and hair tangles. This is important as it prevents the grooming process from being painful.

Look at it from this point of view. When you visit the stylist to get a haircut, they wash your hair to get it wet as this enables them to smoothen it. The same way your hair gets smooth is the same way, your dog’s furs get untangled.

Ensure You Make Use of the Right Tools

To properly groom your dog, you will need certain tools and you can check here for the full report. These tools are a slicker brush, a comb, and a clipper. While professional groomers have these tools readily available, you will spend more on getting their services than you will spend in getting these tools for yourself.

Before going ahead to buy slicker brushes, nail clippers, blades and hair clippers, you have to carry out a great deal of research. This is important as these tools you need are of various types and you might get overwhelmed while trying to pick the right set of tools.

While looking to get tools for grooming your dog, you will get better results if you pick tools made from stainless steel above other materials. Although these tools are more expensive, they do not get rusted and will last a lot longer than others.

Top Guide How to Use Professional Dog Hair Grooming Clippers

Ensure the Clipper is Quiet

There are some dogs that are comfortable when you groom them with a noisy grooming clipper. Some, however, will feel very distressed when you groom them with a noisy clipper. The implication of this is you will need to test various clipper to determine their noise levels. Once you are done with this, go ahead and choose the clipper that makes the least noise. When you do this, the grooming experience will be good for you, as well, as your dog.

While grooming your dog with a clipper, you have to keep all distractions away. These distractions could be other pets or humans.

Avoid Pulling Your Dog’s Hair

There is always a high tendency for people to pull their dog’s fur when shaving with a clipper. While this is quite common, it is never right. To avoid doing this, you will need to ensure your clipper is sharp. If your dog’s clipper is not sharp always, you will go through a lot of difficulties when cutting its hair and this will also cause it a good degree of discomfort. In addition to ensuring the process is comfortable, a sharp clipper will help you get to areas that are quite difficult to access.

Do Things Slowly

It is important that you do things slowing when grooming your dog. Avoid pushing the clipper very fast as doing this will leave unwanted lines on your dog’s skin. Furthermore, if you clip your dog’s nails too quickly when cutting its nails, you might cause it some distress.

Shave in the Right Direction

Dog hair does not grow in one direction. The hair on various parts of its body grows in different directions. This implies you will need to pay a lot of attention to the direction in which the dog hair in a certain part of its body grows before going ahead to shave it. This way you can have an even and smooth cut.

Top Guide How to Use Professional Dog Hair Grooming Clippers

You Must Have an Understanding of Your Dog’s Coat

It is not advisable to begin grooming your dog’s coat by yourself when you just buy it. You need to allow professionals to handle the grooming for a while until you know what its coat is like. Before going ahead to begin shaving your dog’s coat on your own, get a professional to explain the entire process to you and teach you how best to shave your dog breed. While at this, you must find out how long your dog’s hair is in certain body parts. This way, you can avoid getting too close to the skin and hurting it.

Make Use of the Right Blade

There are various blades for various coat types. If you must get the best from shaving your dog’s coat. You will need to make use of the right blade as this will go a long way in helping you get the right effect. Since this is not something you are used to, you will need to ask professionals what the best blade for your dog breed is.

When grooming a dog with long hair, you might not do well when you make use of just one blade. You will need to make use of different blades for different hair levels and different parts of its body. Nonetheless, if your dig has short hair, you can make use of just one blade to get the job done.

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