Feline Excessive Meowing & Yowling – Top Reasons Why Cats Meow

It is absolutely normal for cats to meow. While all cats meow, there are various reasons they make this sound. As kittens get older, the reason they meow change gradually. Young cats meow when they are scared, cold, or hungry. They usually do this to get their mother’s attention. As cats get older, they stop meowing just because they are hungry or scared. Older cats basically communicate with each other by making other sounds such as growling, hissing, and yowling. This is different from the sound they make when communicating with humans. Cats meow when they are trying to communicate with humans. This, therefore, shows a major difference between the reasons various cats meow.

Feline Excessive Meowing & Yowling – Top Reasons Why Cats Meow

In addition to meowing for various reasons, some cats are known to meow more than others. Siamese cats and other oriental cat breeds have a reputation for meowing a lot more than other cats. They are considered great talkers and should, therefore, be avoided by people that might feel drained when around people that talk a lot.

While there are lots of cats that can’t keep quiet, there are also those that do not seem to spend any time meowing. There are times cats seem to meow a little more than their owners are comfortable with. If you have a cat that seems to meow more than you are comfortable with, you should not attempt making any moves at shutting it up. What you need to do is know the exact reason why it is meowing. As soon as you realize why your cat meows endlessly, you can go on to come up with strategies to make it quiet.

Why Do Some Cats Meow Excessively

There are lots of reasons the average cat meows. Some of these reasons are simply because it wants some extra attention. Others are due to serious occurrences. Below are some of the reasons cats meow;

Cats Meow When Hungry:

One major reason a lot of cats meow is that they need something to eat. Some want to eat because they are actually hungry. Others, however, just need to chew on something. This is one reason they meow as soon as someone makes their way into the kitchen.

A lot of cats have built a reputation for getting loud when it is about time for them to get fed. As a cat owner, if this action is one you find irritating, you can prevent your cat from meowing when it is time for it to get fed by simply withholding its food each time it meows. You can feed it when it keeps quiet.

After trying this method, if you do not get the result that you require, you can get a feeder that releases food to your cat at a set time.

Feline Excessive Meowing & Yowling – Top Reasons Why Cats Meow

Cats Meow When they want to breed:

Breeding time for cats is associated with a lot of meowing. The males make noises when they smell a female cat in heat. The females, on the other hand, make sounds when they are in heat.

If you are uncomfortable with the sounds cat make when it is time for breeding, there are things to do. You can prevent this by either neutering your cat or spraying it.

Cat’s Meow When Lonely:

Do you leave your cat in the house alone for a long time? If yes, you might want to pay for the services of a pet sitter. If you do not want to make use of the alternative of a pet seater, you can come up with other ways to keep it busy.

One way to keep your cat busy while you are out of the house is by getting it toys and placing a bird feeder outside a window. Your cat can look at this bird feeder all day and forget that it is really alone.

Cats Meow When Greeting You:

Cats meow when they are trying to say hello to their owners. This might cause you a bit of noise. Nonetheless, it is not a habit that you might be able to stop your cat from taking part in. If you think your cat meows excessively when it sees you, you simply need to consider the fact that it is happy to see you.

Cats Meow When Aging:

Aging does not bring a level of discomfort to humans alone. It can also make cats quite uncomfortable. Aging in cats causes disorientation and could make them really vocal without reason.

As cats age, they meow more. This happens especially in the night. If your cat begins to meow excessively in the night as it ages, you can always provide it with a nightlight. You can also take it to see a veterinarian. This way you will get the right drugs to keep it in a better state of mind.

Cats Meow When Stressed:

Cats have a reputation for getting more vocal when they go through stress. This could arise from a change in environment, the loss of a loved one, an illness, of the arrival of a new pet. If you notice your cat getting more vocal because it is going through stress, the first step you should take is to find out what exactly is making it stressed. As soon as you discover this, you should try to create a change. If you are unable to make any changes, you might want to give your cat extra care to make it more comfortable.

Feline Excessive Meowing & Yowling – Top Reasons Why Cats Meow

Things You Should Not Do When Your Cat is Meowing

A lot of cat owners soon grow thick skins to the sound of their cat meowing. This might seem normal. It, however, is a wrong approach.

When your cat begins meowing too much, you should not ignore it. You should try to find out why it is meowing. If you must ignore it, you must ensure that there is no problem.

Furthermore, ensure that you do not punish your cat because it is meowing. This will be absolutely wrong as it will not solve the problem at hand. It will only make your cat dislike and distrust you.


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