Strange Behavior: Why Does My Cat Lie In The Litter Box?

Where does your cat usually sleep?

On your comfy bed, at the corner of the sofa, or under the furniture?

Anywhere your cat sleeps, it must be the place that makes she (or he) feel safe and comfortable.

Strange Behavior: Why Does My Cat Lie In The Litter Box?

Cats do not usually lie in the litter box/ Source

The litter box is normally not a cozy place. It is damp and smells with a rough surface. Cats should only be there to go to the bathroom and bury their excrement.

So you might wonder: Why does my cat lie in the litter box?

There could be a lot of reasons for this weird behavior of your cat. Come with us to the next parts to find out what happened with kitties.

Unfamiliar Environment

One of the most common reasons behind this act is your cat’s insecure feelings.

If there is a significant change in your house, such as moving to a new address or adopt a new pet, your new kitty might feel anxious and withdraw to his most intimate and comfortable place. Yes, that little litter box.

Your cat may want to lie around the litter box because this is the only place in the house that has his scent! New kitties often feel anxious, and a bit frightened in their new home. A urine-marked territory would be much more comforting to them.

You just need to give your cat a little time to get used to his new home. Or else, you can provide him with a box and comfy blanket next to the litter one.

Urinary Issues

If there is nothing change around your cat, then the problem might exist inside his body.

Is your kitty seem exhausted or have diarrhea? Are his feces and urine normal? Does he want to eat?

In these cases, you should take your kitty to the veterinarian right away to see if he is sick. A litter habit change can lead to several ailments in cats. He might have a urinary issue or bladder infection, or maybe he just ate something he is not allowed to eat.

A common condition that causes a cat to lie in the little box for the whole day is called dysuria. This condition is caused by a urinary infection or tiny crystals in the cat’s bladder.

Dysuria can lead to unpleasant and constant urination. There could also be blood!

Your cat might want to keep lying in the litter box, try to put an end to this unproductive urination. This process will strain out the kitty and he lies there, probably because he is too exhausted to move!

Please seek help from the nearest vets and ask them how to take care of your sick kitty!

Stress And Anxiety

So, does your family have a new member? 

Maybe you just have a baby or a new animal like a second cat, and this appearance will trigger your cat. Yes, she may be scared of that unfamiliar being.

The question is: Where is your cat when they suddenly feel anxious and stressed?

Well, they hide in their safest territory: the litter box, especially the enclosed type.

Little kitty will seek secure feelings by sleeping in her litter box. Some cats also flee to the litter box as they are annoyed or frightened by strange people or kids. Take your cat to the vet if her anxiety does not reduce. The professionals will figure out the way!

A Safe And Private Place

As we already mentioned before about the unfamiliar environment and anxiety, then cats might find their litter box a safe and private place to hide in.

When your cat is shocked or frightened, such as by a naughty kid or a sudden thunder, she will try to hide in the place that she thinks is the most secure one. Some might hide in the closet, under the bed, and some will stick to the enclosed litter box.

So what can you do to help your scared kitty?

If you can not stop the guest from inviting your house our block out the thunder sounds, then you should at least appease her with a hug. You can also build her a comfortable hidden box at a corner in the house as an alternative.

Building Territory

Here’s some scientific information:

Do you know what the similarities between domestic cats and some other big cats out there in the wild are?

Well, despite their size differences, those cat species are almost similar in their behavior: they are all predators and have their own territory marking.

So if there are two or more pets in your house, kitty might think that her boundary is violated! She will lie in the litter box for the whole day to prevent any beings from entering her territory.

If you visit your friend’s house and see multiple cats using the same litter box, then they are well-trained cats. Don’t be mad at your cats if they are unwilling to share their box! You now know that these boxes are their own territory, and protect them is the cat’s instinct.

In this case, you should prepare more than enough litter boxes for them. They will soon see that there is plenty to go around and back to normal.


So after reading this article, do you know why your cat lies in the litter box or not yet?

If you are still confused about your cat condition, you can read the posts of Marian P. McClure from, who is a professional cat’s behavior researcher and also an authority blogger.

Finally, if you make sure that your kitty is completely healthy and her litter box is always clean, then it is fine to leave her lying in that!

Thank you for reading! Comment below to let us know how your cat is.

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